Optimize EHR Clinical Order Sets with Provation® Order Set AdvisorTM

Reduce clinical variability, improve patient outcomes, and decrease cost of care with Provation Order Set Advisor, now featuring Easy Import for Epic and Cerner. With its gap analysis tool, Order Set Advisor automatically checks your existing order sets based on latest evidence and best practices and gives you actionable recommendations, greatly reducing the effort required for review and maintenance.

Customer Success: Over $6 Million Per Year Saved from Order Set Optimization 

North Carolina’s Cone Health anticipates more than $6.2 million in annual savings from updating just five of their EHR order sets with the latest evidence. Following an automated content gap analysis using Provation® Order Set Advisor, the same study also shows optimized order sets can reduce the risk of inpatient mortality and length of stay (LOS).

"There is no way any physician practicing out there today can keep up with all the guidelines and still see patients. Instead of relying on them to do manual review, automating the process does it for you and then you can take what you see in a gap analysis and prioritize what needs to change."

Monica Schmidt - Cone Health

Monica Schmidt, MPH, PhD
Executive Director, Health Economics at
Cone Health Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE)

Order Set Optimization Starts with Provation Order Set Advisor

In our fast-paced clinical world, keeping order sets accurate and up-to-date with the most current evidence-based content is a significant challenge. Traditionally, order sets are managed internally – requiring significant time and resources to prioritize and review order sets individually, leaving many order sets untouched and out-of-date for far too long. Then, by the time all order sets have been updated, it’s time to start again. With this process, it’s no surprise that 65% feel their order set management process is either somewhat or not efficient. ​

​What if there was a trusted, intuitive software that could optimize and automate the review, management and version control of order sets, relieving the review board of a constant backlog? There is – Provation Order Set Advisor.


Regardless of format, our proprietary rules analyze and align your existing order sets with evidence-based content.


Shorten order set maintenance cycles with a web-based portal that enables  online collaboration anytime, from any connected device.


Leverage evidence and other content from the most trusted source for clinical decision support information.


Move order sets seamlessly in and out of EHR systems, including Epic and Cerner, for updating, collaborative reviews, approvals and deployments.

The Future of Intelligent Order Set Management

What is Provation Order Set Advisor?

Provation Order Set Advisor is an intuitive software with intelligent content gap analysis that works with or without an existing EHR system to optimize order sets management, while helping improve consistency and efficiency of care, implementation of best practices, regulatory compliance and patient outcomes.

Easy. Actionable. Integrated.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 feel that improving order management is highly important to their organization. Here are just a few ways Provation Order Set Advisor can help.

  • Management Application – Import, edit, manage compare and report
  • Gap analysis – Automatically identifies gaps and makes recommendations based on current evidence
  • Web Review Tool – Review, collaborate, approve, request and invite, all online and in real time
  • Web Print – Web-based library of approved order sets for EMR down-time solution

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