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Provation® MD

Our market-leading, on-premise procedure documentation solution can help improve operational and reporting efficiencies, procedure note accuracy, appropriate payments, physician satisfaction and quality of care.

Many hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and health systems experience significant procedure documentation challenges. Most physician documentation methods, including dictation, transcription and EMRs, lack standardization which can lead to inaccurate, incomplete and non-compliant procedure notes. The resulting reports are not searchable or easy to analyze because they are built with unstructured data. Not to mention, insufficient, tedious workflows lead to financial losses and frustrated physicians.

There's a better way to document procedures.
Provation MD

  • Trusted by 16 of the top 20 GI hospitals in the U.S.1
  • Has more than 95% overall customer retention rate
  • Is the gold standard in GI procedure documentation software

Are you spending more than 5 seconds calculating your ADR on a daily basis? There's a better way: Provation Automated ADR

Check out our on-demand webinar featuring a demo of Automated ADR. Hear from Sarah Williams, manager at Gastroenterology Specialists, on how Auto ADR has given time back to her clinicians.

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Hospitals and ASCs using Provation are realizing a substantial return-on-investment after implementing Provation MD. See for yourself.

Provation MD Features


Guides physicians through an intuitive workflow navigation tree to offer appropriate selections for quick documentation


Interfaces with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems for seamless, complete continuity of care


Gives clinicians access to specialty-specific procedural content collected over 25 years to ensure thorough documentation


Generates CPT and ICD-10 codes based on procedure note selections for maximum accurate reimbursement


Helps organizations meet quality and compliance standards by allowing users to run over 100 reports and analyze structured data reports


Connects directly with endoscopy scopes to collect all relevant images and add them to procedure notes

Provation MD Upgrades

Attention Customers: Are you getting the most out of your Provation software? With so many ways to optimize, we'll bet we can make your experience even better!

Automated ADR

Simplify and automate the process for collecting data and calculating a physician’s adenoma detection rate (ADR) with Provation’s Automated ADR.

Your ADR will be available for reporting immediately, at any time.

Olympus Preferred Replacement for EndoWorks®

Hundreds of EndoWorks customers have implemented Provation MD, and millions EndoWorks data records have been migrated. Provation is a preferred vendor with exclusive rights to the EndoWorks Data Migration Tool! Protect your site from patient data losses.

Provation MD Customer Insights

Provation MD and MultiCaregiver Improve Documentation and Reduce Costs for The Endo Center at Voorhees

Focusing on the measures that matter most and developing technology-driven strategies to achieve your care quality improvement goals is a winning combination.
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Provation MD, MultiCaregiver Drive Improved Documentation

Since implementing Provation software, Walnut Creek Endoscopy Center has seen a number of benefits—most notably, complete and thorough reporting and streamlined workflow and documentation for physicians, nurses and anesthesiologists.
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Presence Health Realizes Increased Revenue-per-Encounter, Faster Patient Throughput

Provation MD drives increased revenue-per-encounter and patient throughput at Presence Health, an award-winning safety net medical center in Chicago, for an annual cost savings of $150,000.
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Optimizing Reimbursement with Provation MD

As reimbursement becomes more closely tied to quality outcomes, clinical documentation improvement efforts deliver dual benefits – a higher level of patient care and improved financial performance.
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Ready to migrate from Provation MD to a cloud-based solution?

Explore our new cloud-based solution, Provation Apex. With customizable templates and machine-learned favorites, Provation Apex SaaS platform standardizes, yet personalizes physician workflows.

How does Provation MD compare to Provation Apex?

Check out the differences between Provation MD and Provation Apex to see which option would be best for your team.