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Automate Your Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR) Reporting with Provation

An advanced feature that simplifies and automates the process for collecting data and calculating a physician's adenoma detection rate (ADR).

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Are you manually calculating your ADR?
Let Provation Automated ADR do the work for you.

Check out our on-demand webinar to see a demo of Automated ADR and hear from Sarah Williams, manager at Gastroenterology Specialists in Tulsa, Oklahoma, speak about how the process of calculating her physicians' ADRs is now instantaneous and accurate.

We often hear the words "manual" and "tedious" when physicians describe their adenoma detection rate (ADR) calculation process, and we agree - there must be a better way. Well, there is and it's now available: Automated ADR for Provation MD.


According to the New England Journal of Medicine, for every 1% increase in a physician's adenoma detection rate (ADR) a person's risk of developing colon cancer over the next year decreases by 3% and risk of death decreases by 5%.

Because of this, ADR has become a significant quality indicator and metric for physicians and health organizations, especially those seeking certifications and accreditation.

How does the Automated ADR feature work?

What is Automated ADR?

Automated ADR is an advanced feature for Provation® MD that simplifies and automates the process for collecting data and calculating a physician’s adenoma detection rate (ADR).

In seconds, Automated ADR generates a physician’s ADR automatically by:

  • Interpreting pathology reports via natural language processing (NLP)
  • Reducing the manual entry of pathology results
  • Significantly decreasing the effort to calculate a physician’s ADR

With this feature, ADR will be available for reporting immediately, at any time.*

Download our fact sheet to learn more.

*The intended use of Provation Automated ADR is data reporting only; it does not replace the need for physician review of pathology reports for clinical decision making and patient care.

How Accurate is Provation Automated ADR?

Simplify Your ADR Reporting

Automated ADR is available now and our experts can’t wait to explain how quick and easy calculating your adenoma detection rate can be.

Learn More about Pathology Integration

Pathology Integration for Provation MD is required for Automated ADR. Learn more about our available software solutions.

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