Clinical Order Sets and Care Plans Management

Evidence-based clinical order sets and care plans are proven to reduce unwarranted clinical variability and improve patient outcomes. Yet, the process of maintaining this content can be extremely time-consuming. Let us help you optimize your content governance and maintenance processes.

Provation software solutions can help you optimize order sets and care plans to reduce clinical care variability

Order Sets Management

Keeping your hospitals order sets updated with the latest evidence can minimize unwarranted care variability, improve patient outcomes, and save you millions annually – and Provation® Order Set Advisor™ can help you automate the process with:

  • Intelligent and actionable gap analysis
  • Easy Import for Epic and Cerner order sets
  • Proven results of decreased risk of LOS, mortality, and medication errors
  • Collaborative web review tool
Order Set Advisor screen on laptop

Care Plans Management

Partner with Provation to benefit from our evidence-based care plan templates and sophisticated content management system. We can help you streamline the time-consuming process of drafting and customizing interdisciplinary care plan templates to:

  • Drive establishment of strict standards of care
  • Provide nurses and interdisciplinary teams with clear parameters for effective patient care
  • Improve consistency of care
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