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Replace dated, paper-based documentation methods with our mobile, cloud-based anesthesia information management system (AIMS), Provation® iPro. Designed by practicing anesthesiologists, this intuitive tool simplifies the most document-intensive record in healthcare — protecting patients and your bottom line.


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Anesthesia-approved features and EHR integration

Automating documentation benefits more than just operational efficiency. Without it, paper healthcare records are often incomplete, illegible, or lost between transfer of care — putting patient safety at risk.

With Provation iPro, you can produce a more complete, compliant, legible anesthesia record and improve overall quality of care beyond measure.

  • Interface with EHR systems, like MEDITECH and Altera Digital Health, formerly known as Allscripts

  • Wirelessly stream patient physiological data from anesthesia machines

  • Document non-operating room procedures on the go — without being tied to a workstation

  • Streamline workflow templates, picture documentation, and more

Example of paper-based anesthesia documentation in comparison to iPro documentation

Get More Out of Provation iPro AIMS

With Provation iPro AIMS at the core of your anesthesia workflow, you can further optimize your experience to support a full perioperative workflow.

Real-Time Reporting

Provation iPro Analytics

Take the data you capture a step further with valuable clinical insights and business intelligence.

Secure Billing Tool

Provation iPro Billing

Save time and reduce error rates with built-in charge capture templates and picture documentation.

Labor & Delivery

Provation iPro OB/Labor & Delivery

Focus your AIMS documentation to cover the unique requirements within OB cases.

Provation iPro is a Top-Rated Anesthesia Solution

“Provation® iPro outperforms all other anesthesia vendors in nearly every performance and customer satisfaction measure.”              -KLAS™ Reports

Key Benefits of Automating Anesthesia Documentation

Increase Efficiency

Move through real-life workflows quickly and easily with customizable features and an intuitive, user-friendly design.

Improve Practice Performance

Leverage valuable insights and analytics to make changes that directly impact clinical care.

Save Costs

Eliminate manual, redundant tasks to focus on what matters and effectively improve your facility's bottom line.

Provation iPro AIMS outperforms all others

The efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of Provation iPro AIMS is unmatched. See the features that have earned us top ratings for service and support, performance, and overall user satisfaction.


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Discover The Impact iPro Can Make
Find out why this group of nearly 50 physicians based in New York said, "no anesthesiologist would go back" after switching from paper-based documentation to Provation iPro.

Mani Vindhya


See Provation iPro In Action
Access a pre-recorded demo of the product to learn more from Dr. Mani Vindhya, Chief Medical Officer and founding member of iProcedures, now part of Provation.

Customize Provation iPro to Meet Your Needs

 See how our suite of stand alone add-on solutions can streamline the entire patient encounter.

Pre-Op Anesthesia Testing

Provation iPro PAT

Get anesthesia-specific pre-operative patient evaluation and streamline H&P processes.

Perioperative Clinical Documentation

Provation iPro PACU

Manage and document patient recovery and associated clinical data.

Automated Perfusion Module

Provation iPro Perfusion

Automate data collection during perfusion interaction to improve quality of care and patient safety.

Holistic and Intuitive EHR

Provation iPro ASC

Easily create and manage complete electronic patient records within ambulatory surgery centers.

Discover How Provation iPro Can Optimize Your Team

Connect with our experts to learn about all of the ways you can tailor Provation iPro workflows to fit the unique types of cases you do.

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