Introducing Cloud Documentation for Your Entire Care Team

Provation® Apex Patient Charting

Equip your nurses, anesthesiologists and other members of the care team with real-time access to the patient journey with Provation Apex Patient Charting. Imagine, all members of the care team on the same page, always. It’s time to stop chasing paper charts and start experiencing true efficiency and continuity of care.

Anesthesia and Nursing Documentation for Exceptional Patient Care

If your care team is completing patient documentation using paper forms or stagnant electronic templates, your site is at greater risk of miscommunication, missing records and duplicate documentation. Plus, you’re missing out on all the advantages of having smart software like Provation® Apex Patient Charting.

See for yourself how Provation Apex Patient Charting can help your care team!

Nurse Testimonial Overview

15-Minute Webinar with Demo

Advantages of Provation Apex Patient Charting

Increase Efficiency and Staff Retention

  • Real-time access to patient data for entire care team
  • Pre-call through post-op forms that are accessible and customizable
  • Gastroenterology workflow available (other specialties to come)
  • Vitals integration minimizes manual entry (under development)
  • Streamlined specimen collection and tracking

Improve Quality and Patient Safety

  • Accessible and editable patient data throughout the continuum of care, from pre- to post- op
  • Electronically log procedure events and interventions
  • Continuously updated medication and allergy content
  • Structured data capture to support quality reporting, benchmarking and operational insights

Harness the Power of the Cloud

  • Freedom to document wirelessly on an internet-enabled device
  • Automatic software backups and updates via the cloud
  • Lower upfront cost with affordable subscription
  • 24/7/365 Provation support with minimal in-house IT support needed
  • Electronic consent with signature capture on any touch device (under development)


With cloud-based Provation Apex Patient Charting, Dr. Malik’s care team enjoys a seamless electronic workflow. Now, they can securely create, access and update their patients’ digital charts, review pathology status updates, anesthesia dosage amounts, and allergies – all in one place!

Dr. Pramod Malik

"Everyone knows where the patient is in a given phase of care, which significantly improved our care team’s efficiency."

Dr. Pramod Malik
Gastroenterologist and Founder of
Virginia Gastroenterology Institute

Provation iPro is a Top-Rated Anesthesia Solution

Reduce double documentation and rework by combining Provation Apex Patient Charting and Procedure Documentation. This combo will allow important patient specimen data collected in Patient Charting to auto-populate into the physician’s procedure note.

Want to See a Patient Charting Demo?

In order to fully appreciate what Provation Apex Patient Charting can do for your nurses and anesthesiologists, we recommend seeing it in action. We can’t wait to show you a demo of our new solution.

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