Patient Experience Survey for Anesthesia

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Leverage feedback from your anesthesia patients to improve quality care and deliver a better patient experience with Provation Patient Experience Surveys.

Anesthesia Patient Experience Survey
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About Patient Experience Surveys

Improve Practices, Drive Growth, and Profit

The Provation Patient Experience Survey automates the collection of pertinent information from your patient’s experience, helping anesthesia groups capture and report on quality measure AQI 48 Patient-Reported Experience with Anesthesia.

Its pre-built questions eliminate the need for additional training and streamline the survey itself — encouraging patients to provide their valuable insights.

Mobile access for patients

Text and email patient communication

Fully automated surveys, feedback reports, and results

Does not replace or conflict with facility CAHPS

Easy for groups to implement

Simple to manage

Patient experience survey questions

Patient Experience Survey Questions

Get the Information You Need Without Being a Burden

The following patient experience survey questions help anesthesia groups capture and report on quality measure AQI 48 Patient-Reported experience with Anesthesia.

  1. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 indicates the worst anesthesia experience and where 5 indicates the best anesthesia experience, how would you rate your anesthesia experience?
  2. Rate how your anesthesia provider(s) communicated with you and/or your family.
  3. Rate how your anesthesia provider(s) attended to your overall comfort and wellbeing.
  4. Rate how well your anesthesia provider(s) helped manage your postoperative pain.
  5. Rate your overall Anesthesia Preoperative Education and Preparation.
  6. Please enter any additional comments.
Patient Experience Survey on Mobile Device

Patient Experience Survey Tools

Patient Experience Surveys can become a valuable tool to improve anesthesia practice performance, negotiations, reimbursement opportunity, and more.

Demonstrate Value

Positively influence negotiations, contracts, and reimbursement.

See Data in Real-Time

Monitor provider care, patient outcomes, and patient experience in real-time.


Benchmark provider and group performance against national NACOR data.

Support Quality Efforts

Leverage insights for internal improvement initiatives.

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