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Migrate to Provation® Apex

Enhance end-to-end clinical productivity, reduce procedure delays and cancellations, and improve the patient experience with Provation's most intuitive solution ever — Provation® Apex. Clinicians, administrators, and patients will all benefit from a single, multispecialty platform where your physicians and care team can document the entire patient visit, from pre-op to post-op. 

Provation MD customers, now may be the time to move to the cloud.


Ready to learn more at your leisure?

There's no better way to learn how Provation MD and Provation MultiCaregiver compare to the Provation Apex Platform than to see it in action.

View on-demand webinars to find out why your facility should migrate to Provation Apex, and how our teams can help you move to the cloud!

Why Migrate to Provation® Apex now?

For some hospitals, health systems, and ASCs, keeping up with software updates and infrastructure maintenance can be a challenge. By migrating to the cloud-based Provation Apex Platform, you can shrink your IT footprint and reduce operational burden — minimizing support staff time needed to manage software, hardware, and cybersecurity.

Consider migrating to Provation Apex now if your site is concerned with:

Server Maintenance

Is your server approaching end-of-life? No budget for expensive on-premises hardware? Want to avoid maintaining new costly servers?
Explore the benefits of the cloud.


Concerned about patient data security in the cloud? Don't be. Trust teams outside of your organization to protect your facility's data.
Discover Provation Apex's layers of security.

Facility Scalability

Ready to introduce efficient software to your busy schedule? Looking to quickly migrate to the cloud to take on more rooms, patients, and staff? 

Find out how easy it is to grow your facility.


Tired of analyzing and communicating clinical data using spreadsheets? Looking to improve quality, compliance, and audit preparation? 

Visualize data sets with Provation Apex.

Provation Apex Clinical Workflow Differentiators

Provation Apex Implementation & Onboarding Process:
The Smooth Transition Clinicians Deserve

The Provation Apex Platform was built with clinicians in mind. And while many clinical teams are wary of introducing new software to their busy and sometimes complicated workflow, those transitioning to Provation Apex can rest easy.

Provation Apex has an estimated 90% physician utilization rate after implementation!

From implementation through post-launch customer support, the Provation Team works hard to ensure your migration to the cloud is seamless while improving your day-to-day physician and nursing documentation processes.

Provation Apex Expert Data Migration

Discover the Process

If you're considering migrating your site to cloud-based Provation Apex, you may be concerned about data migration. You might be asking, "Will we lose historical patient data when we migrate?"

The short answer? No. The Provation Implementation Team works diligently to ensure your data is migrated quickly and securely.

Migrating from Provation MD to Provation Apex

Let's migrate your facility to the most advanced solution Provation has to offer.

Utilizing our proven onboarding and migration plan above, we can seamlessly help your facility combine Provation Apex Procedure Documentation and Patient Charting to replace Provation MD and MultiCaregiver.

Physician Documentation

Provation Apex vs.
Provation MD

Nursing Documentation

Provation Apex Patient Charting vs.
Provation MultiCaregiver

Provation Apex Procedure Documentation

No Provation Apex software updates to run

No server backups to maintain

Access on any internet-enabled device

Auto-generated coding and customizable templates

Improved, guided navigation with Smart Buttons

Personalized templates and thorough procedure notes

Provation Apex Patient Charting

Includes all cloud capabilities associated with Provation Apex

Runs within and alongside Provation Apex Platform

Structured, reportable data

Edit and report on custom content with Forms Editor

Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Patient signature available on any device

Businessman with flag at the peak of a mountain

Is Provation Apex Right for Your Team?

Connect with an expert to find out if Provation Apex is right for you, schedule a demo, or discuss pricing.

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