Content Governance and Maintenance

Sustainable and accurate alignment of your order sets starts here.

The end-goal of any order set initiative is to equip clinicians at the point of care with best practice guidance.

When clinical decision making is standardized and based on the latest industry evidence, hospitals and health systems are best positioned to improve outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction and control costs. Consider one study that conducted a comparison analysis of mortality and readmission rates across two groups of adult patients: one using an evidence-based pneumonia order set and the other without.

For those using an order set, findings revealed:


Reduction in Mortality


Reduction in Readmissions


Reduction in Length of Stay

Unfortunately, efforts to align order set content with the latest evidence often fall short due to a lack of the staff resources needed to create, maintain and review large volumes of content.

The Solution

Provation® Order Set Advisor

Automate the review process and keep clinical leaders abreast of evidence-based changes to specific order sets with Provation Order Set Advisor. Our software can significantly improve processes and promote sustainable maintenance by continuously monitoring the latest evidence and analyzing its impact on your order sets.

Provation Order Set Advisor empowers efficient and effective order set content updates through:

  • Relevant, actionable alerts based on the latest evidence
  • Recommendations that are identified and sourced
  • Integration of updates into existing order sets and workflows
Blue and purple cloud icon with clockwise arrows representing Provation Order Set Advisor cloud-based solution for order set optimization, and the words easy, actionable and integrated

Proven and Trusted Clinical Accuracy

Every day hundreds of hospitals and health systems trust Provation Order Set Advisor to govern and maintain their order sets with ease and accuracy. One recent example was when the guidance on medications for chronic Hepatitis C was revised. Hospitals and health systems using Provation Order Set Advisor were immediately notified of the need to add glecaprevir-pibrentasvir (Mavyret™) as a direct-acting antiviral agent.

Provation Order Set Advisor can:

  • Narrow the search by directing clinicians to all impacted order sets associated with chronic Hepatitis C for genotypes 1, 2 and 3.
  • Send timely notifications of changes to quality measures to ensure clinicians complied with appropriate process measures.
  • Prioritize recommendations by grade to help clinicians better gauge decisions. As each suggestion is offered, reviewers make a judgement to accept or dismiss that change. Accepted changes can then be passed to other members of the order set review committee for consideration

We can help you optimize your order set management process.

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