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How do hospitals and health systems collaborate with so many different stakeholders, different schedules and geographies to drive efficient order set consensus? It’s a fundamental challenge of ongoing order set maintenance to drive optimization of content assets.

An Advisory Board Report points to clinician consensus as the single most important requirement for minimizing variation. Yet, the process for obtaining sign-off on changes can be time-consuming, taking on average 2.3 months without an efficient system for collaboration in place. In another survey conducted by Modern Healthcare, more than 40% of respondents said it takes them over a month to complete an order set change request, delaying clinician use of the most up-to-date best practices.

At Provation, we find that the primary challenges of collaboration and consensus rest with three shortfalls and Provation® Order Set Advisor addresses them all.

Common Challenges of Order Set Management


To ensure consistent and sustainable order set maintenance, policy must begin with centralized, single-entity governance over the process. Otherwise, fragmentation occurs across departments, and variability increases.

Provation Order Set Advisor alerts governance committees and content owners of order sets that need attention. This automated identification ensures updates fall in line with industry best practices and comply with regulatory expectations.


The Modern Healthcare survey found that an average of 16 people is needed across departments to adequately address order set updates.

Provation Order Set Advisor streamlines operations and addresses the resource conundrum through greater efficiencies. Stakeholders access a collaborative platform to communicate, build and update standards, significantly reducing the time needed to create consensus and achieve sign off on order set changes.


Also noted in the Modern Healthcare survey, the majority of hospitals are depending on their EHR, email or in-house office collaboration software such as SharePoint to maintain order sets. While each offers some benefits, all have limitations that undercut an optimization strategy and they are not designed for robust document or knowledge management.

On the other hand, Provation Order Set Advisor helps teams stay well-informed of regulatory changes and new evidence through its interactive, collaborative web review tool.

Web Review Tool

The Provation Order Set Advisor web review tool is an online portal where review teams can gather for on-going order set collaboration and management. This tool supports:

  • Automated notification of new evidence
  • Change request management
  • Version control
  • Archiving

As healthcare organizations work to achieve greater value, order set optimization is low hanging fruit capable of delivering notable return on investment. Hospital executives want to get order set maintenance right. Provation Order Set Advisor allows you to achieve this goal.

Learn more about how Provation Order Set Advisor can help streamline collaboration with your team. We’re here to help!

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