Order Sets

Taking care delivery and performance improvement to the next level requires that hospitals deploy the highest quality CDS content to clinicians at the point of care - all the time. ProVation® Order Sets, powered by UpToDate® Decision Support, provides the most robust evidence-based content on the market today, co-developed with the editors of UpToDate.

  • More than 30 peer-reviewed studies confirm widespread usage of UpToDate and its association with improved patient care and hospital performance
  • Industry reports repeatedly single out the direct - and unbreakable - links to UpToDate as a key enabler to clinician uptake of standardized and evidence-based practice
  • UpToDate subscriber surveys repeatedly point to overwhelming satisfaction - greater than 95% in most areas

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Actionable guidelines provided for 75-80% of diseases causing hospital admission
  • Content is housed in four libraries - Ambulatory, Emergency Department, Inpatient and Discharge - and includes more than 1,000 predefined order set templates for both adult and pediatric patients across numerous medical specialties
  • 11,000 unbreakable links to UpToDate topics and thousands of embedded UpToDate narratives lend credibility to the guidance, making clinician review of order sets easier and quicker and higher adoption in the CPOE system

Always Current

  • UpToDate provides continuous evidence monitoring and, through the ProVation Order Sets One-Click Updates feature, Practice Changing UpDates feed directly into ProVation Order Sets, saving hospitals time and ensuring clinical decisions comply with current standards of care from the world's top clinical experts
  • In collaboration with UpToDate, the ProVation Medical team of seasoned physicians and clinicians reviews and updates evidence daily; regulatory or drug removal notifications are delivered through ProVation Order Sets immediately, while minor content changes and software enhancements occur quarterly