Charting the Future of Anesthesia: Provation iPro AIMS Demo

Join us for Provation's newest demonstration of the cloud-based Anesthesia Information Management System, Provation® iPro in our on-demand webinar, Charting the Future of Anesthesia: Provation iPro AIMS Demo. Leverage this opportunity to explore all things Provation iPro in one go!

Formerly known as iProcedures, Provation iPro is cloud-based Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) software that was designed by practicing anesthesiologists to support the entire perioperative workflow from pre-op through post-op.

Why Attend?

You've never seen Provation iPro quite like this. In this webinar, you'll experience firsthand how Provation iPro streamlines the capture, flow, and management of patient data throughout the perioperative encounter to improve documentation, OR efficiency, patient safety, and medication management.

We're busting out all of the best features to show you how your whole facility can benefit from the wide-reaching applications of this incredible tool, including:

  • Automatic vital capture
  • Pre-filled procedure templates
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Picture documentation
  • Data & analytics
  • Automated billing

Plus, this perioperative charting software can interface with your existing EMR to pull in existing data, eliminating redundant, manual data entry and creating a truly seamless user experience.

And, that's not all. We'll also walk through the highly anticipated billing functionality, so you can see the impact that automating charge capture has on optimizing revenue cycles and maintaining patient billing transactions

You won't want to miss this! This is the first time Provation is talking all things Provation iPro, including our Data & Analytics platform, which allows you to access and leverage a wide array of out-of-the box reports, including administrative, billing, quality, and clinical data.

Join us now! Don't miss out on the future of anesthesia!

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