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Provation® endoPRO 20|20

Collecting and reporting quality indicators are now more than ever vitally important for endoscopy suites to facilitate clinical and operational improvements. Provation endoPRO 20|20 is the innovative solution that delivers actionable business intelligence, uncompromised image management, and easy procedure reporting.

Provation® endoPRO 20|20™ is an advanced image management and patient data management/analysis system that supports all stages of your endoscopy suites’ clinical workflow, streamlining patient care and operational performance from patient arrival to patient discharge.

endoPRO 20|20™ is cross-platform compatible capable of interfacing with all brands of endoscopic equipment. It seamlessly integrates with healthcare information systems and other medical devices crucial to quality patient care.

endoPRO 20|20 allows clinicians to utilize advanced features and functionality throughout the gastroenterology (GI) documentation process.

Provation endoPRO 20|20 Image Capture Screen

Maximize your documentation efficiency with:

  • External and internal pathology lab integration

  • Pathology result notifications

  • Automated follow-up interval

  • Adenoma detection rate (ADR) calculation in real time

  • Procedure image capture with automatic time stamps

Improve procedure quality by:

  • Capturing and annotating procedure images and video

  • Integrating with the CapsoCam capsule and Pentax EPK video processor

  • Using procedure advanced analytics relevant to clinical and operational improvement

  • Utilizing structured data reports with Excel

Provation endoPRO 20|20 Analytics
Provation endoPRO 20|20 Whiteboard Scheduler

Increase clinician satisfaction with:

  • Pathology eSignature sign-off

  • Robust patient scheduling with whiteboard scheduler

  • Customizable patient tracking from arrival to discharge

  • Detailed procedure reports generated in minimal time

Discover more endoPRO 20|20 functionality!

Reach New Heights with Provation® Apex!

Now that you are a part of the Provation family, you will have unparalleled access to our latest technology and solutions, including cloud-based Provation® Apex Procedure Documentation and Patient Charting. With exciting benefits like:

  • Affordable subscription — only pay for what you need*
  • Modest upfront software investment—no expensive servers to buy or maintain
  • Minimal IT footprint and support needed—automatic software, content, and coding updates managed by Provation via the cloud
  • Integration with existing IT systems, including endoscopes, vitals monitors, EHRs, and more

*Minimum purchase required

Looking for Provation endoPRO support?

As a Provation endoPRO customer, you can expect the same great service and support you are accustomed to because the endoPRO team of experts is now a part of Provation, too. We are continuing to streamline how you connect with our support and services team.

Support Phone (U.S.): 877.454.2994, option 8

Support Phone (Canada): 877.467.1715

Support Email (U.S.):

Support Email (Canada):

*We are currently transitioning our customer support contact information from PENTAX Medical to our new home at Provation. Be on the lookout for updates.

Please do not include protected health information (PHI) in your email message. When sending email, include your site ID in the subject line and a detailed description of your issue in the text of the message, along with information about how to contact you by phone if required.

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