Provation Announces Availability of Provation Order Sets Integration with Epic

August 9, 2017

Aug 9, 2017 –Today Provation announced Provation® Order Sets integration with Epic software to support the importing and exporting of information. This integration enables healthcare providers to streamline labor-intensive governance processes, optimize order set management and support existing order sets with evidence-based clinical content.

Provation Order Sets integration leverages new order set import functionality to quickly and easily transfer Panels, Smart Groups and SmartSets between systems. The integration, available today, enables users to import order sets from Epic into Provation Order Sets, and export order sets directly to Epic. Hospitals can now leverage the full functionality of Provation Order Sets for clinical content management and order set governance. This preserves the details of orders from the EHR and supports consistent terminology and structure across the care setting. This bidirectional sharing of information also helps hospitals adopt or extend evidence-based practices to drive increased quality-based reimbursement, and enables Provation Order Sets to serve as a reliable CPOE downtime solution for access to approved order sets.

“Having worked with Provation Order Sets in the past, we recognized right away how beneficial integration with our new Epic EHR would be,” said Brian Churchill, Director of Clinical Content and Decision Support at PeaceHealth. “One of the main benefits will be having an electronic repository of order sets outside the EHR that we can use as a reliable downtime solution. Additionally, utilizing the extract process of Epic to Provation significantly decreases that effort. Our order set governance involves 24 different cross-disciplinary and cross-specialty stakeholder review boards, so streamlining and automating order set review, updates, approval and deployment will make our content teams much more efficient. We have a strong strategic commitment to improving care quality and the trusted clinical content in Provation Order Sets is helping us drive adoption of evidence-based medicine across our entire health system.”

A vital component of a healthcare organization’s quality improvement strategy, the Provation Order Sets solution combines powerful clinical content management tools and the trusted content of the leading clinical decision support solution.

“Integration has taken on greater importance as the healthcare industry continues its evolution toward quality- and value-based care. Integration between our order set software and EHRs makes it easier for providers to achieve higher care quality, improved outcomes and streamlined clinical workflows,” said David A. Del Toro, President and CEO of Provation. “Making Provation Order Sets integrate simply and seamlessly with our customers’ key clinical information systems is an organizational priority and enhances the value we deliver.”

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