Simplify Perioperative Nursing Documentation

Provation® MultiCaregiver

With MultiCaregiver, your team can achieve true end-to-end continuity of patient care. Improve clinical efficiency and accuracy with perioperative documentation software built for your entire care team - including nurses and anesthesiologists.

“Provation MD is a great product. However, if you haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity to invest in Provation MultiCaregiver, by all means, now is the time to do so.”

- Andrew Weiss
Administrator, Endo Center of Voorhees

Replace Paper Charting and Cumbersome Nursing Documentation Processes with Provation MultiCaregiver

Nurses, anesthesiologists and other care team members are on the frontlines of patient care. As such, they have a serious responsibility as it relates to documenting patient care – from vitals, medications and supplies, to aftercare instructions, and everything in between.

At Provation, we understand the weight of this responsibility and the need for care teams to be able to quickly and accurately document patient care. That’s why we developed Provation® MultiCaregiver, a comprehensive point-of-care (POC) documentation system designed to meet the needs of caregivers at hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), high quality documentation is:

  • Accessible
  • Accurate, relevant, and consistent
  • Auditable
  • Clear, concise, and complete
  • Legible/readable
  • Thoughtful
  • Timely, sequential and contemporaneous
  • Reflective of the nursing process
  • Retrievable on a permanent basis in a nursing-specific manner

Provation MultiCaregiver is designed to satisfy all these needs for care teams.

Complete, Standardized Point-of-Care Documentation for Your Entire Care Team – Nurses, Anesthesiologists and Other Caregivers

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How does Provation MultiCaregiver Work?

With MultiCaregiver, you’ll have affordable access to a single, patient-centric documentation solution that enables:

  • Consistent, thorough and reportable nursing notes
  • Accurate, real-time charge capture
  • Automatic collection of and centralized access to patient vitals, scheduling and patient demographics
  • Electronic signatures and sign-offs
  • Robust data and compliance reporting
  • Integration with EMRs and other IT systems
  • Reduction in time and costs associated with documentation and reporting while maximizing reimbursements

MultiCaregiver Customer Reviews and Success Stories

Provation MD and MultiCaregiver Improve Documentation and Reduce Costs for The Endo Center at Voorhees

Focusing on the measure that matter most and developing technology-driven strategies to achieve your care quality improvement goals is a winning combination.

“Provation MultiCaregiver has benefited us for GI recalls a lot. Before using Provation, we didn't have a system of keeping track of the recalls. Now, when we get a letter from the physicians saying when someone's due, it's all put into Provation. Now, it's all in one place, whereas before we had multiple steps for keeping track of recalls.”

Tessa Bombardo
Endoscopy Nurse Technician
Northfield Hospital

Provation MD, MultiCaregiver Drive Improved Documentation

Since implementing Provation software, Walnut Creek Endoscopy Center has seen a number of benefits—most notably, complete and thorough reporting and streamlined workflow and documentation for physicians, nurses and anesthesiologists.