Provation® iPro ASC

As a cloud-based and mobile device enabled system, Provation® iPro ASC is a unique new offering specifically designed to optimize outpatient surgery results and clinical efficiency with an integrated solution tailored to fit the needs of ambulatory practices. This holistic and intuitive EHR is perfect for ambulatory surgery centers because it provides the capability for medical professionals to create and manage complete electronic records of patients related to surgery or treatment in outpatient care facilities as well offering integrations for billing, materials management, document management, reporting, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Device Agnostic, including mobile devices
  • Cloud-Based
  • Fast and efficient charting with personalized templates
  • Traqboard to track Patient, Case, and Staff
  • Multi-user access on a single instance
  • Secure and convenient communication tools with iPro Connect
  • Device Integration to capture physiological data
  • Analytics and reporting
  • 24/7 support
  • Clinical Outcomes / Indicators
  • Schedule view and chart navigation
  • Status indicators for case progress
  • Search capabilities for charts, patients, completion status, and free text notes
  • Security Administration – User Accounts and Rights
  • Workflows customized by role and surgical area to include: Patient Communications, Pre-Op, Intra-Op, Post-Op, PACU, Physician, and Anesthesia workflows
  • Medication Formulary
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Image Capture
  • Physician Orders
  • Surgical safety checklists
  • Progress Notes / Op Notes
  • Security Administration – User Accounts and Rights
  • Concord Faxing and Scanning, PACS, Scopes, and other integrations available


iPro ASC includes the pre-surgical assessment/pre-anesthesia testing module, iPro PAT, designed to collect information on patients scheduled for surgery on the day of surgery or in advance through pre-admission testing or in a perioperative surgical home setting. iPro PAT allows you to engage and connect with patients to collect detailed information, which serves to improve the patient experience but also helps reduce costly case cancellations and delays.

  • Improved patient communication with remote patient engagement
  • The data collected automatically integrates with iPro ASC


The traqboard is a management tool that allows clients to monitor the status of patients and staff in real time. This color-coded table can be used by the board runner to monitor the day’s activity, or it can be stripped of patient information for use in the waiting area.

Live Cases

With iProcedures’ Live Cases feature, a clinician can monitor cases under his/her medical direction in one convenient and easy to view screen. This feature allows the clinician to see the trend of the current case and even check the graph or full record for cases being supervised for increased patient safety and more efficient workflows.

  • Clinicians are able to monitor intraop and PACU cases


iProcedures offers a powerful analytics module to analyze the data resulting from the clinical documentation. The reporting module offers a way to unlock your data to deliver deep clinical insights and business intelligence, improve operations, and enhance patient safety.

The information documented during the perioperative process is captured to offer instantaneous access to the data. iPro Analytics provides the ability to create dashboards and reports, supporting seemingly infinite combinations of data elements, such as: case volume metrics, OR efficiency metrics, physician scorecards, pharmacy data, benchmarking, and more.

iPro Connect - Communication Tool

iPro ASC offers a secure communication tool enabling virtual visits and virtual meetings. This tool, called iPro Connect, provides an option for the clinical staff to consult with patients for preadmission testing through a real-time video visit.

iPro Connect can also be used for secure communication with the family of the patient.

  • Launched within the patient context within iPro ASC or other EMRs
  • The system logs records of communications
  • Can be used to obtain consents

PACU Nursing Documentation

iPro PACU provides a pathway-based structure to deliver standard forms and controls for required elements captured during a perioperative event. Assessment, patient, case, and preference card information captured prior to the event will automatically flow through to provide the nurse with valuable patient and procedure information to help streamline the documentation process.

After the Procedure

iProcedures enables easy management of healthcare information through secure transmission of surgical results and medical records. You can send surgical results back to the referring provider in real time using integrated interoperability.

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