White Papers

Where Automation Meets Accuracy

With Provation Automated ADR feature, you get all the time-saving benefits of automation without compromising accuracy.

Improving Care Coordination through System Interoperability

Standardizing care based on current evidence and communicating care plans through the EHR gives clinicians a definite edge in care coordination.

How Evidence-Based Care Plans Drive Value-Based Purchasing Excellence

Focusing on the measures that matter most and developing technology-driven strategies to achieve your care quality improvement goals is a winning combination.

Achieving Population Health and Crisis Management Excellence

While standardization is an important component of managing any chronic disease, it becomes even more critical in the case of a public health crisis. The move from fee-for-service to quality-driven, risk-bearing care delivery models requires healthcare organizations to take a systematic approach to improving population health to avoid high-cost, event-related sick care.

Order Set Optimization Starts Here

Hospitals are struggling to get new medical evidence into their order sets for access at the point of care. See how Order Set Advisor™ solves many of the challenges standing in the way.