Empower Your Team with Provation Apex Data-Driven Decision Making

Can your hospital or ASC team easily create accurate reports that help you continuously improve quality and maximize compliance?

If you are tired of trying to analyze and communicate clinical data using old spreadsheets, join us in this webinar! Mathew Dawson, Manager of Customer Success, shows you how clinicians using Provation Apex Reporting (powered by Microsoft® Power BI™) can:

  • Build out custom dashboards to drill down on data relevant to your facility
  • Improve procedure quality by analyzing reports on personnel utilization, scope times, prep quality, medication dosage, maneuvers, and more
  • Identify gaps and increase clinical efficiency by reporting on facility-specific data
  • Create personalized reports to report on custom content or procedures most relevant to specific facilities or roles
  • And so much more!

Access the webinar below!

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