With 25 years of expertise in gastroenterology software, we bring you the future of intelligent procedure documentation – Provation® Apex.

Why Provation Apex?

Deep medical content & workflows for documenting key GI procedures, including, but not limited to:
• Anoscopy
• Colonoscopy
• Colonoscopy of Post-Surgical Anatomy
• Colonoscopy via Stoma with Endoscopy of Hartmann Pouch
• Device-Assisted Enteroscopy, Lower with/without Fluoroscopy
• Device-Assisted Enteroscopy, Upper with/without Fluoroscopy
• Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)
• Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM)
• Endoscopy of Hartmann Pouch
• Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
• Enteroscopy (SBE)
• Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
• Hemorrhoid Treatment
• Ileoscopy with/without Pouchoscopy
• Non-Endoscopic Tube Procedure
• Pediatric Colonoscopy
• Pediatric Upper GI Endoscopy
• Pouchoscopy
• Rectal Suction Biopsy (Pediatric)
• Upper GI Endoscopy

Increase productivity and satisfaction

• Browser-based-access at home or on-the-go
• Predictive entries and machine-learned favorites based on user experience
• Personalized views for each clinician
• Specimen Collection feature autopopulates specimen data into findings
• Custom templates-easy to create, modify, and save on-the-fly
• Integration with existing EHR and IT

Simplify your procedure documentation process

• One-click e-sign
• Native image capture
• One-click procedure notes for normal screening colonoscopies
• Click-and-drag image management
• Real-time, continuous impression generations
• Structured data for simplified quality reporting and analytics

Auto-generated coding for all reimbursable actions

• 150+ CPT/HCPCS codes for GI
• 1,000+ ICD-10 diagnosis codes for GI

Experience the benefits of the cloud

• Small IT footprint
• No Provation Apex software updates to run
• No server backups to maintain

Interested in Provation Apex?

Visit this page to learn more or fill out this form to speak to an expert.Apex Patient Charting Laptop Vitals

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