New Mexico Orthopaedics Replaces Dictation with Provation

Improve Documentation and Coding Accuracy

The traditional process of dictation, transcription, and coding of procedure notes is slow, error-prone, and often incomplete. It makes poor use of physicians’ time, adds costly overhead to the billing process, and can lead to underbilling, underpayment, compliance issues, or rejection of bills by third-party payers. The problem is particularly severe in orthopedic documentation and coding, which can involve over 1000 CPT codes in the musculoskeletal surgery subsection alone.

That’s why New Mexico Orthopaedics replaced physician procedure dictation with Provation® MD software, allowing clinicians to quickly, completely and compliantly document clinical procedures. Among other significant benefits, the site realized a 117% overall improvement in documentation and coding accuracy with Provation. See the full results of the coding study.

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