Hear what clients are saying

"The turnaround time for order set development at Methodist when we used paper was 6 to 18 months. Our goal now is 30 days."

Sam Bagchi, M.D.
Senior Vice President, CMIO and Chief Quality Officer
Methodist Health System
"ProVation® MD has built-in a decision-support tool so that if I've forgotten to complete all quality elements in the report, such as surveillance interval, I'll be reminded to do that. It's more consistent in data collection and reporting."

Tom Deas, Jr., M.D.
Medical Director
Fort Worth Endoscopy Center
"Our physicians love that it simplifies their workflow, our staff spends less time on administrative work, and our cost savings have been extensive. We're extremely satisfied with the ProVation solution."

Cindy Hall, RN, BSN; Administrator
Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy
"The greatest benefit is the speed and the streamlined workflow. People aren't touching a piece of paper 100 times to get it where it needs to go. The op report prints immediately at the GI office and the nurses' station, and because the note is e-signed, doctors don't need to make separate trips to Medical Records to sign off on charts. Coders don't have to wait for transcription services - they've got immediate access to the finished note."

Rebecca Craig, RN, CNOR, CASC
CPC-H Administrator
Harmony Surgery Center

"ProVation software will be an integral part of our financial strategy, as it allows us to eliminate transcription costs and recover revenue. Its value also comes in speeding the completion and availability of electronic patient records, which will now be accessible to other caregivers and referring physicians immediately after the procedure."

Marcus Bost, CIO
Adena Health System

"On the first day I was saying to myself, 'What have we done?' By the end of the second day I was saying, 'How did we ever live without this?'"

Stephanie Diem, RN, BS; Clinical Director Prof services
Washington Square Endoscopy Center

"We've had great feedback from both physicians who have used the system and referring doctors who've received the notes and accompanying letters. They think the images look fantastic, and they really appreciate having immediate access to documentation at the end of the procedure. It's an easy, effective tool that makes the staff happy, and it has paid for itself in efficiencies and streamlined workflow."

Joel R. Montbriand, MD, FACP
Gastroenterology of the Rockies

"ProVation has freed up our staff to focus on post procedure documentation and patient care and has decreased our procedure turnaround time... most importantly, the process allows the staff to get the data to the physician for reporting in an expeditious manner. And the software certainly allowed us to standardize the physician reporting to include the key elements necessary to support complete and accurate coding."

Susan Moats, RN, BSN, MBA
Executive Director, Akron General Medical Center
"ProVation Order Sets provides the infrastructure and tools to streamline authoring of evidence-based order sets, driving CPOE and best practices adoption."

Sam Bagchi, M.D.
Senior Vice President, CMIO and Chief Quality Officer
Methodist Health System

"The ProVation team was fantastic. They were innovative...they worked with us through different methodologies to deliver content."

Donna Schultes
Director, Clinical Informatics
A.O. Fox Hospital
Oneonta, NY

"Using the ProVation system, we have a far greater confidence in our procedure documentation. We know that all aspects of the procedure are captured, and the documentation supports the billing codes. We are able to process and drop bills faster, with the added comfort of knowing that we'll be properly reimbursed for the procedures we've performed."

Tina Allen, Administrator
New Mexico Orthopaedics

"We were a particularly challenging site due to our need for a separate anesthesia record. We were also one of the first sites to use MultiCaregiver for the physician pre-assessment, which means we have many users entering data in succession at varying workstations. But the product was flexible enough to accommodate our needs."

Frederick Nunes, MD
Washington Square Endoscopy Center

"When our administration was looking for a product to use with the order sets, ProVation Orders sets won out because of their connection with UpToDate."

Renee Brooks, RN, BSN
Clinical Analyst
Southeast Alabama Medical Center
Dothan, AL