Order Set Optimization Starts Here

Evidence-based order sets help improve patient outcomes and compliance by standardizing care across departments and facilities based on clinical best practices. In developing order sets internally, hospitals are taking on significant challenges - discovering and validating new evidence, aligning clinical content with quality measures and other regulatory requirements, and driving consensus on that content among physicians.

Sound familiar? Read on to learn how ProVation® Order Sets delivers a powerful suite of integrated order set management applications and evidence-based content from UpToDate® to alleviate the challenges of order sets from end-to-end.

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Quality Assurance

Improving the quality of patient care and outcomes is the mission. It guides clinical teams to embrace new ideas based on new evidence, forms the hospital brand and reputation, and helps maintain a strong financial foundation. To get there, you need to ensure your order sets are aligned with mandated quality measures, new evidence and clinical best practices.

ProVation Order Sets combines trusted clinical decision support content sourced by UpToDate with intuitive, integrated clinical content management applications to deliver a total order set governance and optimization solution.

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Governance and Collaboration

Delivering higher quality care at a lower cost is the overriding trend in healthcare. Hospitals that provide clinicians with the most accurate clinical decision support at the point of care are in the best position to rise to that challenge. With two-million new scientific articles every year and continually evolving standards, many organizations are adopting clinical content management as a strategic initiative.

ProVation Order Sets helps hospitals effectively manage evidence-based order sets and libraries to keep them in line with new care recommendations and quality measures. For some tips on best practices in order set governance, check out our issue brief, How to Avoid Ten Pitfalls of Ongoing Order Set Maintenance.

Integration and Interoperability

The duplicate effort of maintaining order sets in two different systems is inefficient and wasteful. Our bidirectional EHR integration enables customers to easily use our specialized management applications with order sets from their CPOE and have the best of both worlds. ProVation Order Sets can manage the detailed data in Epic SmartSets, Cerner Power Plans, or your institutional order sets, keeping them consistent across care settings and aligned with current medical evidence and clinical best practices.

For more information about enabling streamlined order set governance with bidirectional EHR integration, see our interactive infographic.

Content Validation

ProVation Order Sets templates are developed and maintained by a team of expert clinicians in collaboration with the authors of UpToDate. Physicians worldwide trust UpToDate as an indispensable evidence-based resource. With hundreds of order set templates and thousands of permalinks to UpToDate topics, recommendations and patient education, ProVation Order Sets gives the entire care team the confidence to customize order sets to your hospital’s specifications and leverage them successfully in the CPOE system. More than 30 peer-reviewed studies confirm widespread use of UpToDate and its association with improved patient care and hospital performance.

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