Announcing Bidirectional Integration

ProVation Order Sets bidirectional integration with Cerner Millennium and Epic 2015 are available now.

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A vital component of a healthcare organization’s quality care strategy, ProVation® Order Sets drives collaborative, Web-based review of order sets and is powered by the trusted medical content of UpToDate® and Lippincott Solutions. ProVation Order Sets dramatically streamlines governance processes and helps providers adopt evidence-based medicine at the point of care to speed compliance with an expanding array of quality measures driving reimbursement.


The Software

Built on structured data, ProVation® Order Sets provides intuitive tools for creating and maintaining order sets and templates. Key features include:

  • Bidirectional Integration with leading EHR systems, including Cerner and Epic
  • A web-based review application enabling staff to review order sets from any connected PC, laptop or tablet
  • One-Click Updates makes updating order sets with new practice-changing evidence and regulations fast and simple

The Content

Physicians worldwide trust UpToDate as an indispensable evidence-based resource. ProVation Order Sets comes with hundreds of pre-built order set templates containing thousands of unbreakable Permalinks to UpToDate, giving the entire care team the confidence to customize their content and leverage it inside the EHR system. More than 30 peer-reviewed studies confirm widespread use of UpToDate and its association with improved patient care and hospital performance

The Service

Customer feedback and independent analyst research consistently commend ProVation Medical for excellence in delivering a wide range of professional services, including a proven implementation methodology. Ongoing customer support includes training and education, remote guidance, workflow analysis and management strategy.

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