ProVation® Patient Tracking Module

Simplify Patient Tracking and Streamline Caregiver Communication

It's time to retire the whiteboard! The ProVation Patient Tracking module is the electronic solution that streamlines patient logistics, improves caregiver communication and enhances the overall patient experience.

Streamline Workflow through Convenient, One-Window View of Patient and Room Activity

The Patient Tracking module allows for the optimal management of patient and procedure loads and offers providers a quick visual reference of patient and room status. Using a convenient one-window view, Patient Tracking allows clinicians to:

  • Schedule new procedures and edit existing procedures
  • Move patients from one room to another or from one time to another
  • Schedule new patients and update patient status
  • Monitor patient wait times, length of stay and room utilization metrics

Improve Revenue, Patient Throughput

By improving communication between caregivers and streamlining patient management, Patient Tracking increases staff productivity and patient satisfaction and may improve revenue through increased patient throughput.

  • Provides a visual display of each scheduled procedure, allowing simple management of the patient experience from beginning to end
  • Shows caregivers patient status changes for improved communication and patient care
  • Produces a more satisfying patient experience from shorter wait times to smoother transitions between rooms

Patient Tracking

Note: all patient information used in demonstration materials on this website is fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.