Choose the International Endowriter Gold Standard: Provation® MD

Our market-leading, on-premise procedure documentation solution helps Australasian clinicians and health care organisations improve operational and reporting efficiencies, procedure note accuracy, physician satisfaction, and quality of care.

Provation appoints Wilhelm as exclusive representative in Australia and New Zealand

In a further demonstration of its commitment to elevate the standard of healthcare, Wilhelm Integrated Solutions (WIS) is proud to announce that it has become the exclusive distributor of the global Gold Standard for gastroenterology (GI) procedure documentation, Provation® MD, for Australia and New Zealand.

“We are very excited to have Wilhelm Integrated Solutions as an official partner,” said Daniel Hamburger, President and CEO of Provation. “Wilhelm’s ‘boots on the ground’ presence in Australia and New Zealand will allow Provation to expand its market penetration, while empowering more clinicians and endoscopists with the tools they need to deliver quality healthcare for all.”

The Benefits of Provation MD

Provation procedure documentation solutions are trusted by leading gastroenterologists worldwide. We design our software to enable providers to quickly, accurately, and completely capture all relevant procedure details, which can be critical for colon cancer prevention and treatment. 

Provation MD clinician-friendly features:​

  • Anticipatory Interface

  • Deep Medical Content

  • Quality Reporting

  • EMR Integration

  • Image Capture

  • And more!

Provation complies with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

To help ensure complete data capture for colonoscopy clinical care standard quality indicator compliance, the Commission’s four indicators for safe and appropriate colonoscopies can be captured in Provation MD.

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Provation is a proud Industry Member of Day Hospitals Australia

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Provation donates Provation MD to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Fiji

The donation of Provation MD to Fiji’s oldest and largest hospital enhances the endoscopy unit’s patient safety, care quality, and communication for GI procedures that detect and treat colorectal cancers and other conditions. ​

With Provation, GI clinicians in Fiji can gather more reliable clinical data than ever before for clinical research.

Integrate your Pathology Workflow

When a patient’s pathology results are ready, the data is often siloed in the EMR, the endoscopist’s practice or hard copy format—never making its way back to Provation.​

Pathology Integration addresses this barrier, helping ensure all necessary information related to a procedure, including the pathology results, is available in Provation MD.

Looking for a streamlined nursing solution?​
Meet Provation MultiCaregiver

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From nurse pre-call to patient follow-up and everything in between, Provation MultiCaregiver can virtually eliminate paper charting. Easy to learn, even for novice nurses, our smart software helps ensure patient charts that are accurate, clear, centralised and accessible in real-time.

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