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Provation® endoPRO iQ™

As healthcare shifts from being “fee-for-service” to “value” based, now more than ever is it important for endoscopy suites to be capturing and reporting the necessary quality indicators required to facilitate clinical and operational improvement. The solution: Provation endoPRO iQ™.

What is Provation endoPRO iQ™?

Provation endoPRO iQ is a technology platform designed to support the workflow requirements of all stages of an endoscopy suite. It provides a simple, integrated, and semi-automated clinical and lab productivity reporting process that can be completely user-customized to meet your unique data management needs.




Provation endoPRO iQ Whiteboard Scheduler

Completely customized to meet your unique environment, Provation endoPRO iQ enables physicians and nursing staff to:

  • Manage patient scheduling

  • Track patients from arrival to discharge

  • Capture and annotate procedure images and video

  • Generate detailed procedure reports in minimal time

  • Receive, store, and integrate information within an EMR

  • Produce advanced analytics relevant to clinical improvement and be compliant with GIQuIC and PQRS reporting

Increased Satisfaction Leads to Increased Referrals

Provation endoPRO iQ helps your facility follow the steps below to improve clinical productivity and patient experience.

1. Patient Scheduling

2. Pre-Procedure Documentation

3. Vitals Monitoring

4. Image

5. Procedure Documentation

6. Sample
+ Requisition

7. Recovery
+ Discharge

8. Reporting
+ Referral

Explore the Features of Provation endoPRO iQ

Provation endoPRO iQ Patient Scheduler

Patient Scheduler

Visualize your entire endoscopy suite status and daily workload. Customize your workflow and produce advanced analytics on workflow efficiency.

Provation endoPRO iQ Patient Details

Patient and Procedure Details

Quickly access historical patient and procedure records. Search by Facility, Endoscopist, Patient Name, Medical Record Number, Procedure Date, Document Type, and more.

Provation endoPRO iQ Annotation View

Image Annotation and Review

Annotate images using 3D anatomical drag-and-drop labeling. Automatically link procedure findings associated with images to the procedure report, eliminating redundancy.

Provation endoPRO iQ Image Studio

Motion Picture Studio

Capture, edit, and export high-definition exam videos. Create a comprehensive procedure highlight video and executive summary with a single click within Provation endoPRO iQ.

Provation endoPRO iQ Procedure Documentation

Doc-U-Scribe Procedure Report

Streamline procedure documentation with standard templates and physician favorites, combining frequent field selections into one click.

Reach New Heights with Provation® Apex!

Now that you are a part of the Provation family, you will have unparalleled access to our latest technology and solutions, including cloud-based Provation® Apex Procedure Documentation and Patient Charting. With exciting benefits like:

  • Affordable subscription — only pay for what you need*
  • Modest upfront software investment—no expensive servers to buy or maintain
  • Minimal IT footprint and support needed—automatic software, content, and coding updates managed by Provation via the cloud
  • Integration with existing IT systems, including endoscopes, vitals monitors, EHRs, and more

*Minimum purchase required

Looking for Provation endoPRO support?

As a Provation endoPRO customer, you can expect the same great service and support you are accustomed to because the endoPRO team of experts is now a part of Provation, too. We are continuing to streamline how you connect with our support and services team.

Support Phone (U.S.): 877.454.2994, option 8

Support Phone (Canada): 877.467.1715

Support Email (U.S.): endoPRO.support@provationmedical.com

Support Email (Canada): endoPRO.support.ca@provationmedical.com

Please do not include protected health information (PHI) in your email message. When sending email, include your site ID in the subject line and a detailed description of your issue in the text of the message, along with information about how to contact you by phone if required.

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