iPro PAT

iPro PAT is an anesthesia-specific preoperative evaluation with an efficient and intuitive user interface that guides Anesthesia Providers through the history and physical format. This tool permits collection of information on patients scheduled for surgery on the day of surgery or in advance in the pre-Anesthesia/Admission testing (PAT) clinic or in a perioperative surgical home (PSH) setting.

The process begins with a visit to a preoperative clinic, where a patient slated for surgery is evaluated by a nurse under the supervision of an attending Anesthesiologist. Detailed information about surgery, anesthesia, and the risks are provided to the patient. Day of surgery instructions about NPO and home medications are provided to the patient as well.

The data collected is integrated into the mobile AIMS from the PreOp facility or PSH.

iPro PAT incorporates the proposals of the ASA to improve the quality and safety of the patient experience and to decrease costs.

The extensive pre-operative phase lays critical groundwork for the day of surgery. Not only does it help ensure the Anesthesia Providers are more prepared, but it will also help reduce case cancellations and delays.

Features & Benefits

  • Patient-centered tool that aligns national strategies to achieve the stated objectives, including improving health, improving delivery of health care and reducing the cost of care.
  • Helps Anesthesia Providers be more prepared and efficient
  • Helps reduce case cancellations and delays by optimizing patients for surgery
  • Agile platform to collect medical and surgical history, picture documentation of airway or for difficult airway all without additional expensive hardware
  • Configurable with institutional and accepted clinical protocols
  • iProcedures also offers extended patient engagement module
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