iPro Med Management

The unique environments of the operating room (OR) and procedural areas (NORA: non operating room anesthesia) require medication-use processes that differ from methods traditionally used in the inpatient units. As such, this distinct setting requires a special approach to medication management for all Anesthesia personnel.

At iProcedures, we incorporated a unique solution set (iPro Med Management) to help streamline medication-use process while maintaining traditional anesthesia workflow to care for a high acuity patient in the OR. This solution set offers an operating room medication management solution, iPro Med Management, embedded in a state of the art, award winning Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) known as iPro Anesthesia.

Syringe swaps, incorrect syringe labeling, and vial selection have been documented as causing the majority of medication administration errors in the OR. Traditional medication-use process and safety checks do not follow convention in the intraoperative anesthesia setting, but all medication administration is documented in the Anesthesia Record, the electronic version of which is called the Anesthesia Information management system (AIMS).

iPro Anesthesia with iPro Med Management helps control drug inventory, track and total meds, make discrete medication data readily available, drug reconciliation, improve documentation of medications administered, and improves overall collection of pharmacy data.

Features & Benefits

  • More accurate, safe and efficient documentation of medications administered to patients intraoperatively
  • IntraOP usage of meds will trigger CDS (Allergy interaction and configurable notifications)
  • Drug preparation and labeling with barcodes from central pharmacy and OR pharmacy portal
  • Ability to monitor and maintain drug inventory
  • Ability to interface with the use of drug administration devices like infusion pumps for accurate infusion dose capture and correlation to physiological data
  • Improved revenue generation through accurate patient billing from a clean and legible Anesthetic record and configurable med reconciliation module
  • Controlled substances, high cost meds, etc. can be configured to be reconciled by the user as a hard stop within iPro Anesthesia with two factor witness authentication
  • Discrete med data (e.g: dose, time administered, Anesthesia personal administering the med, total med given, etc.) from the Anesthesia record is readily available to pharmacy
  • Improved access to increased data should reduce medication costs
  • Waste reduction, especially for multi-dose vials
  • Reporting module with drillable data helps with quality assurance, operating room anesthesia formulary management and enhanced interdisciplinary decision-making
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