Top 10 FAQs for Choosing the Best AIMS Anesthesia Software

AIMS Software is shown on a tablet, smart phone, and desktop device to display device-agnostic capabilityInvesting in automating your anesthesia information management can make a huge difference in patient safety and your bottom line. But, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the best option for your facility.

In order to decide which anesthesia information management system (AIMS) is the best option for your anesthesia staff, make sure you’re considering the top frequently asked questions.

1. Will your AIMS ensure you meet compliance requirements?

Regulatory measures are consistently changing. Your AIMS should be able to help you maintain practice and facility accreditation.  

Provation® iPro AIMS is cloud-based, so that software updates can be made consistently to adhere to ever-changing compliance and regulatory measures.

2. Does it have mobile capability?

Having an AIMS that’s accessible via a tablet device means you can electronically document and wirelessly stream patient physiological data from anesthesia machines in non-operating room anesthesia (NORA) cases that do not supply workstations.

Provation iPro AIMS became the world’s first mobile anesthesia information management system, so that anesthesiologists have access to secure patient health information (PHI) and anesthesia records at their fingertips.

3. Is it interoperable?

Get an AIMS that is vendor-agnostic to ensure it will interface with your existing EHR system to create seamless clinical records and make the most of the investments you’ve already made.

MEDITECH and Altera Digital Health (formerly known as Allscripts) are just two examples of the major EHR systems Provation iPro can interface with.

4. Is it user-friendly?

If your staff won’t use it or can’t use if efficiently, an AIMS solution will not be useful. Don’t choose anesthesia solutions that require you to invest in training staff. 

Provation iPro AIMS was designed to guide users through the documentation process and offers easy-to-use templates to streamline the collection of data.

5. Can you configure the AIMS to meet your needs?

Anesthesia is used in countless ways, meaning you need a  platform with configurable rules and alerts to adapt workflows to your specific cases. With Provation iPro, you’ll find this and more AIMS benefits, including picture documentation functionality to capture specific details of your unique cases.

6. Does it automate billing too?

Unlike most AIMS software, Provation iPro AIMS automates billing to optimize anesthesia charge capture. The billing code search feature makes it easy to identify the correct billing codes. From there, iPro AIMS automatically sends the data to billing companies to ensure patients are getting the correct bill as soon as possible.

7. Can you derive valuable business insights from the data captured with your AIMS?

Because AIMS is electronic, the data it captures should be able to provide your facility with insights you can use to improve practice performance. Provation iPro AIMS allows users to leverage this valuable data to establish best practices, improve operations, and enhance patient safety.

You can even add on Provation Patient Experience Surveys to your existing Provation iPro AIMS subscription to ensure you’re hearing the voice of your patients loud and clear.

8. Can you rely on your AIMS vendor?

With AIMS anesthesia software being relatively new to the market, it’s important to choose a vendor that’s tried and true. Provation has been intensely focused on the procedure documentation space for more than 25 years with over 1,400 hospitals and survey centers using our solutions around the world.

With more than 4 million procedures documented using Provation iPro AIMS, you can rely on Provation to deliver the quality you need for years to come.

9. Does your AIMS vendor offer 24/7 tech support?

Having secure access to patient health information (PHI) and anesthesia documentation at all times is crucial. With Provation, any issues you experience with your AIMS solution can be immediately addressed with 24/7 tech support 365 days per year.

10. Is the implementation of your AIMS easy?

Taking the leap from paper-based documentation to an AIMS solution can feel intimidating. As the market leader, Provation has experienced working with many different partners and healthcare systems around the world.

We’ve dialed in our process for these implementations, making for a pain-free transition with minimal hardware costs.

Take the next step

Considering these frequently asked questions can help the care team feel confident in making the transition to the best AIMS software to use at your facility. According to KLAS Reports, “Provation iPro outperforms all other anesthesia vendors in nearly every performance and customer satisfaction measure.”

To learn more about Provation iPro AIMS, you can set up a demo or speak to an AIMS expert at Provation.

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