Maximizing GI Procedure Success with the GIQuIC Registry

How the GIQuIC Reporting Registry Ignites Competition and Increases Positive Colonoscopy Outcomes

The GI Quality and Improvement Consortium, Ltd., or GIQuIC registry, is “the non-profit collaboration of the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) and the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) benchmarking registry that is raising the bar on efficiency, effectiveness and reliability.”

Hospitals and ASCs that report to the GIQuIC registry can help ensure that their facilities are tracking and reporting GI procedure quality benchmarks. Initiating healthy competition, sites can use the registry to help maximize procedure success outcomes against competitors.

The Benefits of GIQuIC

For facilities that perform colonoscopies and EGD procedures frequently, the GIQuIC registry can provide significant benefits that help facilities meet or exceed standards of other accredited sites. And in an age when patient engagement is high, both hospitals and ASCs are increasingly committed to maximizing procedure success. GIQuIC can help you:

  • Prove your commitment to quality patient care by consistently monitoring progress
  • Ignite positive competition among your industry peers
  • Provide benchmarking reports to your physicians and staff to continuously improve procedure quality
  • Identify gaps in your facility’s care initiatives and develop ways address issues
  • And more!

The GIQuIC registry can be a valuable tool for sites that wish to focus on improving colonoscopy procedure outcomes. Opportunities for further success can arise when sites can use their automated procedure documentation solution or endowriter to easily gather the data needed to submit to GIQuIC.

Choosing an Endowriter that Provides GIQuIC-Friendly Reports

Endowriters that allow you to quickly and easily submit reports to the GIQuIC registry can save clinicians significant time. Rather than manually entering the data within GIQuIC or a homegrown spreadsheet, intuitive procedure documentation solutions allow physicians to accurately enter all relevant procedure details into data fields with minimal clicks. With the right solution, each entry becomes structured, reportable data that can be exported as a GIQuIC-supported report for easy submission.

Physicians and facilities that can run reports in real time are better equipped to stay ahead of the competition.

For more information on a GI solution that makes it easy to report to GIQuIC, check out this fact sheet.