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Real-Time AI for Polyp Detection

Enhanced adenoma detection is here.

SKOUT is a real-time, FDA cleared polyp detection device that uses artificial intelligence to help gastroenterologists detect more adenomas during colonoscopy.1

​Better adenoma detection means a higher standard of GI care for your patients. SKOUT augments but does not replace physician judgment.

Innovative technology backed by robust clinical data.

SKOUT is the only FDA cleared device of its kind evaluated in a US-based clinical study population.* Even high performing gastroenterologists saw improvements in adenoma detection.1

*Of published clinical studies of computer-aided polyp detection devices as of April 2023

Seamless integration preserves existing workflows

relative increase in 5-9mm polyp detection.1
relative increase in adenomas per colonoscopy (APC).1

No significant increase in total procedure time or withdrawal time.1


Average of 1 additional adenoma resected for every 4.5 patients examined1

Thorough screening and surveillance of colorectal cancer - the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States and Europe2,3 - is vital to decreasing its incidence.1

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