Executive Team

Arvind Subramanian

President & CEO, Wolters Kluwer Health, Clinical Solutions

Arvind brings 30 years of general management, process and functional expertise to Wolters Kluwer Health (WKH).  As his foundation, he spent some 11 years at the General Electric Company (GE) during the Jack Welch era, where he held vice president/general manager positions for several business lines at GE Information Services, and senior product management/marketing/strategic planning roles at GE Medical Systems, including positions in the global nuclear medicine/positron emission tomography (PET) modality, service marketing and operations, and strategic planning/market research.

After leaving GE in 1999, Arvind served on the executive management teams of two venture-capital backed technology start-up companies, both of which completed successful exit strategies, including ProVation Medical, where he served as Chief Operating Officer prior to the Wolters Kluwer acquisition in January, 2006. The Clinical Solutions Group operating units include CDS (UpToDate); CD (ProVation Medical); CDI (Medi-Span, Facts & Comparisons, Lexicomp); CTS Pharmacy OneSource, Health Language) and Medicom-China.

Arvind brings 24 years of healthcare industry experience (medical devices/radiology-diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT) to his role. He has significant domain expertise in the areas of clinical software/services, medical content, medical devices/radiology- diagnostic imaging and healthcare supply chain software and services. He received his BA (Double Major: Biochemistry & English Literature) and MBA degrees from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Arvind received an “Outstanding Entrepreneur” award from NEA (New Enterprise Associates, a top-tier global venture capital group) for his role in working with the team to build and scale ProVation Medical.

John Pins

Vice President, Finance, Clinical Solutions

Since joining Wolters Kluwer Health in 1997, Mr. Pins has served in multiple capacities, including Director of Accounting for our Professional & Education business unit, Controller of Wolters Kluwer Health and Accounting Manager for Facts & Comparisons. He was named Vice President of Finance in June 2006. During his tenure with our company, Mr. Pins has worked closely with acquisitions, new system integrations and international accounting, among other special projects. In his current role, he oversees the finance operations of Clinical Decision SupportClinical Drug InformationClinical DocumentationClinical Terminologies and Surveillance. Prior to joining Wolters Kluwer, Mr. Pins served in public accounting for more than 7 years. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in accounting from Iowa State University and while working in public accounting was a certified CPA.

Denise Basow, MD

Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Decision Support (UpToDate)

Dr. Basow is a primary care physician who has worked at UpToDate since 1996. When she first joined the company, her responsibilities were primarily on the editorial side. She has held the positions of Deputy Editor, Executive Editor and finally Editor-in-Chief, until the acquisition by Wolters Kluwer in 2009, when she became Vice President/General Manager of UpToDate. Dr. Basow received a BA in Chemistry from Duke University, went to medical school at Baylor College of Medicine, and did her internal medicine residency at Johns Hopkins. She practiced primary care for four years before joining UpToDate.

David A. Del Toro

Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Documentation (ProVation Medical)

Mr. Del Toro has worked in Healthcare IT for 30 years and was most recently the GM/VP for the Clinical Drug Information (CDI) operating unit of Wolters Kluwer Health Clinical Solutions. Dave lead the CDI group for the past 4 years and prior to his CDI GM/VP role he was leading the product development, product management, and content development teams for several Wolters Kluwer Health Clinical Solutions products. Dave joined Wolters Kluwer Health in 2006 as part of the ProVation Medical acquisition where he was the VP of R & D. Before ProVation Medical, Mr. Del Toro was Vice President of Development & Manager-in-Charge for the Roseville, Minnesota office of McKesson. Mr. Del Toro has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s of Arts in Management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Dave lives in Woodbury, Minnesota with his wife and 4 teenagers.

Steve M. Kerscher

Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Drug Information (Facts & Comparisons, Lexicomp, Medi-Span)

Mr. Kerscher joined Wolters Kluwer Health in May of 2011 through the Lexicomp acquisition. At Lexicomp, Mr. Kerscher held the role of President and Chief Operating Officer. Post-acquisition he served as Vice President of Commercial Operations (Sales, Marketing, Service functions) and in 2013 became Vice President of International overseeing the Clinical Drug Information group’s expansion beyond North America. In February 2014, he became Vice President and General Manager of Clinical Drug Information for the Clinical Solutions business unit of Wolters Kluwer Health. Prior to joining Lexicomp in 2001, Mr. Kerscher was employed by Arthur Andersen, LLP. Throughout his thirteen-year career in healthcare, Mr. Kerscher has held successive roles throughout all functional business areas. Mr. Kerscher has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from John Carroll University graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Leo Barbaro

Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Terminologies & Surveillance (Pharmacy OneSource & Health Language)

Mr. Barbaro has over 20 years of Healthcare IT and Payer/Managed Care experience in addition to deep general management, strategic planning and operational process expertise. At Wolters Kluwer Health Clinical Solutions, he has held strategy and business development positions and is currently the Vice President and General Manager of the Clinical Terminologies and Surveillance business unit. Prior to his roles at Wolters Kluwer Health Clinical Solutions, Leo spent eight years at WellPoint/Anthem, the nation’s largest healthcare Payer, in multiple senior leadership positions, where he led organizations in the medical expense management, analytics and health benefits products and services areas. Leo began his healthcare career at General Electric, where he spent 10 years at the GE Corporate Development (Fairfield, CT) and GE Information Services (Gaithersburg, MD) Divisions. Leo has served on several healthcare standards development committees and presented on ePrescribing and pay-for-performance at national healthcare industry conferences. He is also the past co-chair of the National Committee on Quality Healthcare (NCQHC) Pay-for-Performance task force. Leo holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Linda R. Peitzman, MD

EVP-Clinical Informatics, Clinical Solutions; Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Wolters Kluwer Health

Dr. Peitzman directs clinical strategy and oversees the clinical development and informatics for Clinical Solutions products at Wolters Kluwer. Her experience spans many facets of healthcare, from direct patient care, to physician management, to electronic medical record integration, including a wide range of clinical informatics and content development. Prior to its acquisition by Wolters Kluwer, she served as chief medical officer for ProVation Medical, where she led a team of clinicians and coders who defined and developed medical content for the company’s documentation software applications. She was a practicing physician for 20 years and a medical director with HealthSystem Minnesota/Park Nicollet Clinic, a large, multispecialty integrated care delivery system with hospital facilities and 31 clinic locations. Dr. Peitzman is board certified in Clinical Informatics and Family Practice and Community Health.

Andre L’Heureux

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Clinical Solutions

Mr. L’Heureux has spent the last 30 years in healthcare, the first half of that time in healthcare delivery, and the second half in software development and clinical decision support. He started by gaining strong administrative experience in large clinics, including managing multi-site clinics and group practices, engineering sales of facilities and strategic mergers, working with different managed care models, and implementing electronic medical record systems.

Andre then served in a variety of key roles in ProVation Medical pioneering the development of automated, structured physician documentation. Since the acquisition, he has led strategy, business development and acquisitions for Clinical Solutions. He has participated in the creation of the InnoVation Lab, the acquisition or investment in six companies globally, and launched several new products.

Andre holds a BA and an MBA in healthcare from the College of St. Thomas, Minnesota.

Sean Benson

Vice President, Innovation, Clinical Solutions

Mr. Benson co-founded ProVation Medical in 1994, which was acquired by Wolters Kluwer in 2006. Currently, he manages the Innovation Lab, where his focus is on leveraging existing Clinical Solutions assets to bring new products to market.

Mr. Benson has a BA in Mathematics and Economics from St. Olaf College (1990), where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

Cheri Palmer

Vice President of Commercial Programs, Clinical Solutions

Ms. Palmer has more than eighteen years of experience in sales, marketing and sales operations. She joined Wolters Kluwer Health in 2006 and has progressed through a number of key roles. Her previous roles within Wolters Kluwer include managing the ProVation Order Sets and Clin-eguide field sales teams and serving as the Senior Director of Sales Operations for the ProVation Medical sales team. Prior to joining the company, Ms. Palmer spent eight years in senior sales roles with GE Healthcare and Harris Corporation. At GE, she was responsible for market expansion of patient monitoring and cardiology products and at Harris Corporation, she led the sales and marketing effort for encrypted wireless devices to military and government operations. She began her career in clinical support at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, FL. Ms. Palmer earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Florida and an MBA from the Florida Tech University.