POC Advisor is a highly accurate decision support system that detects escalating conditions early and delivers patient-specific alerts and evidence-based treatment advice directly to the point of care.

The Toll of Sepsis on Patients & Hospitals

The Impact of POC Advisor on Sepsis Care

Rules Engine

Automatically analyzes patient data in real time, tailored to a hospital’s unique patient population

Rules Engine

POC Advisor conducts real-time analysis of patient data using hundreds of rules based on patient-specific variations and medical evidence, including:

Accurate Alerts

Patient-specific treatment advice is delivered at the point of care with maximum sensitivity & specificity

Accurate Alerts

POC Advisor sends alerts directly to the point of care via mobile devices and clinical portals. Alerts fall into three categories:

  • Surveillance diagnosis—Real-time warnings identify possible cases of SIRS, sepsis, severe sepsis, severe sepsis with hypotension, & septic shock. 
  • Advice—Treatment advice is tailored to specific co-morbid conditions for each patient based on the latest medical evidence & IHI guidelines.
  • Reminders—To close the loop on patient treatment, every alert requires acknowledgement of care or escalation per site protocols.

Data & Workflow Integration

Seamless EHR integration, minimizing disruption to the clinical workflow

Data & Workflow Integration

POC Advisor is a cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates with the EHR and combines Wolters Kluwer’s premier suite of clinical decision support (CDS) resources with real-time data collection and analysis to maximize the clinical value of patient data.

  • Data Normalization – Prior to integration, Wolters Kluwer experts normalize & map discrete data to common terminologies.
  • The Wolters Kluwer Surveillance Engine™ aggregates patient data into the cloud platform in real-time.
  • Supports seamless EHR integration, minimizing disruption to the clinical workflow.

Change Management & Reporting

Supports ongoing best-practice utilization & enables continuous monitoring of compliance and outcomes

Advanced Change Management & Reporting

Wolters Kluwer’s experts can work with providers on advanced change management to ensure successful integration of POC Advisor and maximize its clinical value, including:

  • Development & refinement of new protocols & procedures
  • Continuing education on the latest evidence & treatments
  • Enablement of long-term governance to maximize sustainability
  • Analytics & Reporting
    • Process improvement: alert volume, response times, clinician log in, clinician overrides
    • Reporting: NQF #0500, 3 hr. & 6 hr. bundle compliance
    • Outcome measures: mortality, readmissions, LOS