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The Cornerstones of Order Set Optimization

The Cornerstones of Order Set Optimization
EHR Interoperability (webinar 1 of 4)


Updating order sets with new medical evidence is crucial to improving outcomes, but coordinating maintenance for hundreds of order sets with dozens of stakeholders is a huge logistical challenge. For most hospitals, managing order set content is labor intensive and the internal processes supporting it are far too inefficient. Join us for a four-part, monthly webinar series examining order set optimization and the many benefits it can deliver.

CPOE adoption has dramatically improved access to evidence-based order sets, but hasn’t solved the underlying issue of inefficient order set management. This webinar examines how two-way data interchange between the CPOE and a dedicated clinical content management solution enables streamlined review, approval, and deployment while saving time and money.

Webinar #1 – EHR Interoperability (30 minutes)

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