Solutions for Physicians

In today's rapidly evolving regulatory and health IT landscape, you are bombarded with the expectation of adopting EHR and CPOE systems, as well as embracing evidence-based practices. And while all of these have the potential to take patient care to the next level, busy physicians like you need efficient methods of integrating new electronic workflows with existing care delivery routines.

In order to align patient care with heightened expectations, you must work cooperatively to:

  • Advance CPOE adoption
  • Keep up with rapidly-developing industry research and medical evidence
  • Develop an extensive order set library based on industry best practices to support CPOE
  • Follow standardized patient-care protocols laid out by healthcare organizations

ProVation Order Sets Provides the Tools You Need

Developed with the editors of UpToDate, ProVation® Order Sets improves care delivery by arming you with the best decision support at the point of care, via the thousands of UpToDate links and evidence-based narratives embedded in the order sets you can transport into your CPOE system. You can depend on ProVation to:

  • Improve patient outcomes and quality of care by leveraging evidence-based best practices and standardizing care delivery
  • Enhance CPOE adoption via evidence-based order sets with embedded UpToDate links and narratives
  • Accelerate order set creation and streamline maintenance through a collaborative web-based content management system