Accountable Care Organizations

The Road to Achieving ACO Success

Designed as patient-centered initiatives, accountable care organizations (ACOs) are fundamentally structured to incentivize participating healthcare groups for achieving an aggressive set of cost and quality measures. The road to achieving ACO success is complex, but the rewards are high - with the Department of Health and Human Services estimating a cumulative industry savings of $940 million over four years.

To successfully link quality and financial performance, ACO's must have technology infrastructures and workflows in place to support:

  • Uptake of evidence-based medicine and patient engagement
  • Enhanced decision-making at the point of care to promote standardized practices
  • Deployment, monitoring and updating of the latest industry evidence to keep up with rapidly evolving care standards

Order Set Innovation to Address ACO Needs 

ProVation® Order Sets, powered by UpToDate® Decision Support leads the industry in order set innovation and is uniquely positioned to address all of these needs, as well as to position healthcare organizations for the next generation of ACO models by:

  • Providing the clinical knowledge base, tools, flexibility and customization for developing and managing order set content to ACO stakeholder requirements
  • Increasing physician adoption of evidence-based practices through access to UpToDate, which has been singled out in industry reports and peer-reviewed studies for its ability to improve quality, lower mortality rates, and reduce lengths of stay
  • Offering the advanced functionality of One-Click Updates for ongoing updating and maintenance of content

Ranked highest by providers in a recent KLAS survey, ProVation Order Sets was also placed ahead of the competition in a 2012 review of clinical content vendors from The Advisory Board for superior functionality and dynamic data capabilities.