EHR Integrations

Announcing Bidirectional EHR Integration

Managing your order sets library with ProVation® Order Sets has never been easier. We’re building comprehensive integrations with the leading EHR systems to ensure easy, efficient interoperability. Benefits of our bidirectional EHR integration include:

  • A streamlined order set workflow that makes governance much more efficient
  • Consistently aligned order details and clinical content between systems
  • A reliable downtime solution with 24/7 access to order sets
ProVation Order Sets bidirectional integration with Cerner Millennium and Epic 2015 is available now.

Integrating clinical decision support content with electronic health records is a key to success in the emerging quality-based healthcare economy. ProVation Order Sets leads the way in driving synergies with leading EHR systems, including:

  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • McKesson

Bidirectional integration with Cerner and Epic helps hospitals make the most of their ProVation Order Sets investment and leverage its full functionality for order sets governance and clinical content management. By preserving the details of orderables from the EHR, ProVation Order Sets ensures a consistent terminology and familiarity between systems. Eliminating the duplicate effort of a double build improves order set team efficiency and provides flexibility in order set deployment and access.

Our integration capabilities greatly reduce the resources needed to manage order sets across the enterprise. All content in ProVation Order Sets is managed as structured data, which facilitates robust import and export capabilities.