Ongoing Maintenance Ensures Order Sets Stay Current

The sheer volume of new evidence issued each year makes ongoing monitoring and updating of order set content nearly impossible for the average hospital. ProVation® Order Sets, powered by UpToDate® Decision Support, simplifies the maintenance process, providing unique functionality that ensures order sets always reflect the latest industry evidence and best practices.

  • One-Click Updates enables quick and easy updating of order sets impacted by UpToDate Practice-Changing UpDates and FDA safety alerts:
    • Updates feed directly into ProVation Order Sets, saving time and ensuring that clinical decisions comply with the latest standards of care
    • Regulatory or drug removal notifications are delivered immediately, while minor content changes and enhancements occur quarterly
    • Web-based review application enables efficient distribution for quick sign-off
  • Versioning / version control enables management of unique versions that can quickly be reverted if necessary
  • Archiving of previous versions of order sets, including all reviewer comments, allows you to look back in time to remember how decisions were made
  • Easy comparison capabilities allow users to compare changes between versions 
  • Email reminders ensure authors adhere to key reassessment schedules

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