ProVation® Order Sets, powered by UpToDate® Decision Support

ROI Through Efficient, Comprehensive Content Management

The level of attention required to efficiently manage order sets is daunting. Standardizing care with the latest evidence at the point of care requires the creation of comprehensive libraries of order sets. Further, continuous monitoring and regular reviews are required to ensure order sets stay current as evidence changes and that they meet order set reassessment guidelines from CMS and The Joint Commission.

The inefficiencies created by approaching this feat without the help of an advanced order set solution creates major headaches for healthcare organizations, lending to lengthy authoring and review processes and inconsistent monitoring. Simply put, it's a waste of time and resources.

The content management component of ProVation® Order Sets, powered by UpToDate® Decision Support, is comprised of three primary processes - authoring, collaboration and maintenance - to address comprehensive content management needs. Healthcare organizations consistently achieve a return on their investment due to:

  • Improved order set authoring and turn-around times
  • Easy, efficient clinician collaboration via a web-based message board
  • Better and faster EHR integration, derived from order set templates being managed as structured data
  • Quick and easy updating of order sets impacted by UpToDate Practice-Changing UpDates and FDA safety alerts via One-Click Updates

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