ProVation® MD Cardiology Peripheral Vascular Procedure Documentation and Reporting

For cardiologists performing peripheral arteriography, proper documentation and coding is essential to ensuring appropriate reimbursement and reducing costs. Due to the complex nature of the peripheral anatomy, along with the heightened complexity of reimbursement codes, billing errors for peripheral vascular procedures are pervasive and costly.

Improve Efficiency, Drive Compliance and Enhance Revenue Recovery with ProVation MD Cardiology

  • Leads cardiologists quickly through procedure documentation with fast, easy-to-use navigation
  • Drives rigorous, structured and compliant data capture for benchmarking
  • Provides a fast, graphical method to document peripheral vascular findings via unique DocuDiagrams
  • Simplifies reporting for quality initiatives, clinical research and audit preparation
  • Generates reports, letters and patient instructions automatically
  • Ensures appropriate and complete reimbursement, applying CPT® and ICD coding rules to clinical documentation
  • Streamlines ICD-10 transition

ProVation MD Cardiology Provides Dynamic Tools Needed to Properly Document and Code Even the Most Complicated Peripheral Procedures

  • Access an extensive database of accurate, relevant medical content
    • Supports comprehensive, compliant documentation of the clinical situation
    • Ensures note clarity that conveys the complexity of case
    • Eliminates cardiologists' and staff's responsibility in creating content
    • Delivers faster, easier implementation
  • Benefit from reimbursement codes linked to clinical documentation
    • Significantly reduces time for coding and billing
    • Ensures accuracy through a logic-based engine that follows CMS and AMA guidelines
    • Maximizes appropriate reimbursement
    • Greatly reduces transcription costs
  • Capture discrete patient and procedure data
    • Supports quality reporting and analytics
    • Protects the integrity of the data by reducing transcription errors
    • Improves reporting, communication and care coordination

Key to ProVation MD Cardiology is Its Intelligent, Unparalleled DocuDiagram® That Allows for Quick and Easy Capture of Robust and Intricate Peripheral Procedure Details

  • Enhances user experience with easier, clearer documentation of treatment/therapies
  • Enables cardiologists to create color-coded diagrams that automatically generate codes and populate text within the note
  • Increases cardiologists' satisfaction in the documentation process and therefore provides confidence in the procedure note

An Evolving - and Customizable - List of Procedures to Address Physician Needs and Preferences

  • Peripheral Arteriography
    • Carotid Angiography
    • Aorta Angiography
    • Lower Extremity Angiography
    • Renal Angiography
  • Endovascular Patent Ductus Arteriosus Repair
  • Arterial, Central and PICC Line Placement

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