Unparalleled Features & Benefits






Medical Content  Database

  • Built and maintained by ProVation® Medical
  • Updated biannually
  • Comprehensive peripheral vascular and coronary content
  • Faster, easier implementation
  • Keeps pace with the evolution of clinical procedures
  • Supports vast majority of patients, diseases and therapies


  • Provides enhanced user experience
  • Navigates easily through complex cases
  • Promote thoroughness of detail
  • Improves physician satisfaction
  • Increases efficiency
  • Advances care coordination and communication

 Coding Engine

  • Documentation drives reimbursement codes
  • Eliminates dictation and transcription
  • Updated quarterly
  • ICD-10 ready
  • Maximizes reimbursement
  • Reduces costs associated with dictation and transcription
  • Ensure compliance with the most recent reimbursement codes


 Discrete Data  Capture

  • Allows for useful dissemination of quality data
  • Highlights critical ACC registry and AUD data fields
  • Improves administrative, clinical and research reporting
  • Streamlines NCDR CathPCI registry reporting


HL7 Integration

  • Leverages existing IT systems
  • Provides industry- standard integration
  • Reduces duplicate data entry
  • Allows for flexibility/ customization