ProVation® MD Cardiology in the Cardiac Nuclear Lab

ProVation MD Cardiology provides cardiologists with superior documentation and coding technology for nuclear studies. Backed by an extensive database of medical content from ProVation Medical, ProVation MD Cardiology comes standard with a repository of nuclear procedures for documentation.

Improve Efficiency, Drive Compliance and Enhance Revenue Recovery with ProVation MD Cardiology

  • Leads cardiologists quickly through nuclear procedure documentation with fast, easy-to-use navigation
  • Drives rigorous, structured and compliant data capture for benchmarking
  • Simplifies reporting for quality initiatives, clinical research and audit preparation
  • Generates reports, letters and patient instructions automatically
  • Ensures appropriate and complete reimbursement, applying CPT® and ICD coding rules to clinical documentation
  • Streamlines ICD-10 transition

Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians with Extensive Medical Content and Easy Navigation - High User Satisfaction Rate

ProVation MD allows cardiologists to accurately capture robust detail of procedures performed in the nuclear cardiology lab and then automatically applies the appropriate reimbursement codes to procedure notes. This results in appropriate reimbursements, reduced costs and improved clinical communication and care coordination.

An Evolving - and Customizable - List of Procedures to Address Physician Needs and Preferences

  • SPECT and Planar Imaging
    • Exercise Stress
    • Pharmacologic Stress
    • Interpretation of Images Only
    • Infarct Avid
  • Cardiac Blood Pool Imaging
    • Single Study, Rest (MUGA)
    • Multiple Studies, Rest + Exercise
    • Multiple Studies, Rest + Pharmacologic Stress
    • Interpretation of Images Post Stress
  • PET Scan, Pharmacologic
  • Exercise Stress Test

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