Solutions for Physicians  

Clinical Productivity with Information Technology

As a physician, patient care is your primary concern.

As your healthcare organization navigates complex clinical information technology investments to address an evolving regulatory landscape, your time with patients is interrupted on a daily basis by the need to adjust your workflows to accommodate the resulting changes. While intended to increase your productivity, these systems can actually have an opposite effect unless they are designed with intuitive and clinically relevant user interfaces. What you need are systems that offer:

  • Simple, intuitive interfaces that streamline clinical processes and enable you to practice at the "top of your license"
  • Access to rich clinical content that promotes industry best practices at the point of care

ProVation® MD Improves Productivity and Guides Thorough Documentation

ProVation MD guides you in quickly creating thorough procedure documentation. The ProVation physicians, who designed ProVation MD, knew an intuitive physician interface was absolutely necessary to streamline the process of accurately, completely, and clearly documenting procedures. In fact, because the intuitiveness of ProVation MD is so vitally important, we trademarked our unique Anticipatory Interface®. When procedure notes are consistently and thoroughly completed, you can expect to see a reduction in requests from coding departments and an overall improvement in your own billing processes.

Discover why ProVation MD is the right solution to help you and your facility streamline workflow efficiency and quality reporting, and improve your documentation, coding and reimbursement processes.