Solutions for Nurses

Meeting the Multi-Tasking Needs of Today's Nurse Professionals

Consider the multitude of tasks that you as a nurse manager face on any given day. Not only are you responsible for managing nursing staff and documentation processes, but you must also oversee such tasks as ongoing training programs, staff recruitment, outcomes monitoring, quality improvement initiatives and compliance with The Joint Commission and OIG, to name a few.

All of these duties are, of course, in addition to one primary responsibility - staying current with the latest research and evidence to ensure that the highest quality care is provided to patients. Unfortunately, this critical component of nursing is often placed on the back burner amid a sea of paperwork and regulatory requirements.

Seeking Efficiency

To effectively prioritize tasks in such a way that places patient care on top, you must seek out efficient documentation workflows that drive quality improvement, best practices and regulatory compliance.

Designed specifically for nursing documentation workflows, ProVation® MultiCaregiver provides the foundation needed to:

  • Guide nurses efficiently and accurately through the documentation process
  • Eliminate redundancies by collecting information from other information systems, like vitals monitors and scheduling systems
  • Facilitate compliance with facility documentation regulatory bodies such as The Joint Commission and OIG
  • Produce reports of clinical information to support quality initiatives, benchmarking and audits

Discover how ProVation MultiCaregiver will help you replace paper charting and reduce time spent documenting in the EHR, giving you back the time you need to concentrate on quality patient care.