Solutions for HIM Professionals 

Software Solutions that Ensure Procedure Documentation Integrity

In an era of intense regulatory scrutiny and evolving performance-based reimbursement models, the work you do as a Health Information Management (HIM) professional has been elevated to a critical level of importance. Ensuring that procedure documentation is thorough and accurate is essential to complying with heightened regulatory demands and quality improvement initiatives, as well as ensuring successful revenue cycle management.

Simply put, systems must be in place to capture the specific information needed to support registry reporting, patient care initiatives, quality reporting and appropriate coding - particularly under the highly specific ICD-10 code set.

To achieve success, you must be forward-looking when it comes to software system investments, seeking value in applications that consistently produce thorough and clear procedure documentation that supports your efforts to:

  • Prove medical necessity
  • Reduce time spent on edits and follow-up queries with physicians
  • Ensure compliance with OIG, CMS and other regulatory bodies
  • Produce accurate quality reports

ProVation® MD Ensures Thorough and Clear Documentation

ProVation MD is a market-proven procedure documentation system that reliably and consistently produces thorough procedure documentation that:

  • Streamlines coding and billing processes
  • Provides documentation that supports third-party audits

ProVation MD Improves Quality Reporting and Other HIM Workflows

ProVation MD frees you to focus more time and energy on strategic and operational initiatives.

  • CPT®/ICD codes can be automatically sent to billing systems so you do not have to enter or send CPT/ICD forms to the billing office
  • Eliminates the need for you to manage notes and hardcopy images
  • Improved physician documentation means you spend less time querying physicians for clarification
  • Flags specific data points to eliminate reporting gaps
  • Collects many required data points directly from procedure notes
  • Registry reporting tools, including ProVation Registry Reporter, automate data capture and reporting

Discover how ProVation MD can help you and your facility streamline HIM business operations and quality initiatives.