Solutions for Administrators

Hitting the Regulatory and Profitability Challenge Head-On

As a healthcare professional responsible for the daily operations of your facility, you are faced with mounting pressures and demands on your time. The uncertainty surrounding how the multitudes of emerging regulatory initiatives will play out - coupled with changing reimbursement models and increasing demand for quality measures - make organizational growth and sustainability a constant concern. You must continually balance the scale of stagnant or decreasing reimbursements against continuously increasing costs to tip in your organization's favor.

It's a challenging proposition.

Simply put, your future success requires a foundation of technology, tools and processes that addresses three critical areas - regulatory compliance, margin pressure and quality reporting. To effectively stay ahead, you need:

  • Consistent, clear and complete procedure documentation
  • Enhanced and more efficient post-procedure clinical and businesses processes that increase productivity and eliminate non-value-add activities

ProVation MD delivers results that help you overcome these challenges. Much more than an automation tool, ProVation MD positively impacts downstream processes by streamlining creation of thorough documentation.

ProVation MD Improves Regulatory Compliance

As a highly trusted procedure documentation solution that quickly guides physicians through every step of documentation, ProVation MD helps physicians ensure nothing is overlooked and deliver:

  • Complete, thorough procedure notes for accurate, timely coding
  • Higher quality documentation aligned with strategic quality initiatives

ProVation MD Increases Profitability

When systems are in place to promote consistent, thorough procedure documentation, downstream workflow processes naturally benefit in a dramatic way. The timely delivery of accurate and comprehensive patient information to all departments - from coding to billing - results in:

  • Coding compliance to support billing at the highest appropriate level
  • Faster time-to-bill
  • Improved physician productivity

ProVation MD Streamlines Quality Reporting

ProVation MD ensures data integrity and streamlines the quality registry reporting process:

  • Our Anticipatory Interface® guides physicians through the procedure documentation in a logical, intuitive manner that minimizes the amount of time a physician needs to interact with the system
  • For cardiologists, DocuDiagram® provides a fast, graphical method to document cardiac findings
  • Flags specific data points to ensure they are not overlooked by the physician during documentation and eliminates reporting gaps
  • Collects many required data points directly from procedure notes
  • Interfaces with other systems, meaning more data points are collected without any additional resources
  • Registry reporting tools, including ProVation® Registry Reporter, automate data capture and reporting

ProVation MD Makes Implementation Easy

Implementation and ongoing management of ProVation MD is easy through our:

  • Proven methodologies honed at more than 1,700 site implementations
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Highly-rated customer support services