ProVation® MD Integration

Empowering Your Existing IT Investment

To ensure no facility is limited in their ability to provide physicians with the industry-leading procedure documentation solution, ProVation MD not only integrates with, but empowers your existing IT infrastructure investment to reduce redundancies and support communication of procedural information.

Our services team has deep experience in industry standard integration, including HL7 and DICOM. Evidence of this experience can be seen in more than 3,000 HL7 interfaces deployed nationally and internationally. As the leader in procedure documentation, ProVation MD has already integrated with most major health information system applications including EHRs, scheduling, billing, vitals monitors, PACS and medical imaging devices.

Integrating with Your Existing Systems

With the extensive integration capabilities of ProVation MD, physicians can capture images and videos from medical devices and include them in procedure notes to produce a single source for all procedural information – both textual and visual. Images and procedure reports can also be transmitted to PACS and EHR systems, thus streamlining information exchange across existing IT systems and reducing redundancies. Our results interface can also feed the hospital EHR with clinical reports, leveraging your existing infrastructure to enhance value and drive ROI.

Proven ProVation MD integration examples:

  • Inbound interfaces, including patient demographics, orders, scheduling, provider maintenance
  • Outbound interfaces, including procedure notes, ancillary documents, charges
  • Inbound Cardiology hemodynamic data
  • Inbound and Outbound DICOM images
  • Key paper-based document scanning

Expected Integration Benefits

ProVation MD has proven it can easily exist within your IT ecosystem.

  • Maximizes utilization of existing health IT systems
  • Eliminates redundancy from clinical and business workflows