The ProVation MD Structured Reporting Maturity Model

Developing and maintaining the market-leading GI procedure documentation software is something of a balancing act - delivering the robust functionality and content the market wants while keeping it affordable. We accomplish this with a software foundation of rich medical content, automated coding, and structured reporting that can be easily expanded with supplemental products and services.

To help our customers achieve new clinical efficiencies and practice growth - and get the most from your ProVation MD investment - we created the Structured Reporting Maturity Model. Our goal in doing so is to help you achieve clinical documentation improvement and excellence through logical, incremental solution growth matching the needs of each organization.

Structured Reporting

The 4 Stages of Documentation Excellence

The Structured Reporting Maturity Model (SRMM) encompasses 4 stages of ascending documentation excellence, from robust but basic functionality for structured reporting to a complete solution that’s connected to the EHR and other clinical systems, leverages advanced features that improve efficiencies, and captures appropriate information from across the continuum of the patient experience.


At this first SRMM stage, ProVation MD captures all relevant patient, procedure and coding information as structured data that enables relevant information flow and application throughout an organization.

  • Leveraging deep medical content from Wolters Kluwer
  • Documentation technology is ready for ICD-10
  • Automated coding slashes time to billing and maximizes reimbursement
  • Best in KLAS software backed by award-winning customer support and service

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The next SRMM stage adds HL7 integration to enhance and streamline interdepartmental communication and improve the electronic health record.

  • Communication with registration, practice management and scheduling systems
  • Automated patient and provider profile additions and updates
  • Integration enables immediate sharing of procedure notes within the EHR

ProVation MD leverages industry-standard HL7 interfaces to exchange patient data with existing systems and HIM investments, including EHR and CPOE, registration, scheduling and practice management systems:

  • ADT – Admit, Discharge, Transfer
  • SIU – Scheduling Interface Unsolicited
  • ORM – General Orders Message
  • MFN – Master File Notification
  • ORU – Outbound Results Unsolicited
  • DFT – Detailed Financial Transactions

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Stage 3 – ADVANCED

This stage of the SRMM adds features that create greater practice efficiencies and improve quality, outcomes and the patient experience.

  • Patient encounter tracked and documented throughout visit
  • Registry reporting simplified and automated
  • Accurate specimen tracking from collection to delivery
  • Pathology interfaces streamline clinical workflows

ProVation MD is easy to customize with supplemental offerings to achieve advanced structured reporting.

  • Patient Tracking – streamlines workflows and improves caregiver communication
  • Registry Reporter – automates and simplifies GIQuIC submission
  • Specimen Collection – ensures proper labeling and routing of specimens
  • Pathology Interface – further automates clinical processes
  • GI Preferences – customizes documentation workflows individually for each provider 

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Stage 4 – COMPLETE

In this stage, ProVation MultiCaregiver provides integrated perioperative documentation for data consistency in all elements of the patient encounter. Nurses and allied health professionals have access to our library of rich medical content. ProVation MultiCaregiver integrates with ProVation MD and the EHR to automate clinical processes. The bottom line – you’ve achieved streamlined workflows for nurses and allied health professionals across the episode of care.

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