ICD-10 Overview

ICD-10 will change the definition of quality procedure documentation. Providers will have to code in more detail and with more accuracy and specificity than ever before. Clinicians have to be ready to meet these changing requirements, and it starts with changing documentation habits. ProVation MD is here to help.

ICD-10 Solution: ProVation® MD Ensures Thorough Procedure Documentation

ProVation MD is ready for ICD-10 with easy dual coding of notes for thousands of medical procedures. Our Anticipatory Interface® guides physicians through procedure documentation and helps ensure they are documenting to the right level of detail required under ICD-10. The intelligent Coding Engine takes physician-entered procedure information and automatically applies the appropriate CPT®, ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes to produce clinically-appropriate, coder-ready procedure notes at the point of care.

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ICD-10 infographic