ProVation® MD Procedure Notes

Consistently Ensure Thorough and Clear Procedure Documentation

Backed by the intuitive Anticipatory Interface® and a robust coding engine, ProVation MD produces clear, coder-ready procedure notes at the point of care. ProVation MD procedure notes:

  •  Contain clinically accurate and complete documentation of the procedure based upon the physician's input
  •  Utilize clinically appropriate text
  •  Include images from endoscopes, arthroscopes, fluoroscopes, X-ray and other equipment linked to appropriate  anatomical diagrams
  •  Are automatically created based upon the physician's procedure-driven data selections

Streamline Documentation and Coding Processes

ProVation MD allows for the documentation of thorough procedure notes that can be immediately reviewed and  signed by the physician and available for coders to review.

ProVation MD procedure notes:

  •  Streamline coding processes by automatically generating the appropriate CPT®, ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis  codes to start the coding process off right
  •  Satisfy downstream information needs by guiding the physician to quickly document information needed to  support coding, compliance, required quality metrics and process improvement initiatives

Immediately Generate Ancillary Documents

ProVation MD automatically produces ancillary documents, including accurate and complete referring physician letters, patient instructions and pathology requisitions immediately after the procedure is completed.

  • Automatically generates professional, personalized letters that are immediately available to the referring physician to sustain and increase referral business
  • Produces patient instructions and pathology requisitions that are immediately available after the procedure is complete
  • Utilizes structured data from the procedure note to provide clear and complete patient instructions – all in terms that the patient will understand

Note: all patient information used in demonstration materials on this website is fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.