ProVation® MD Coding Engine

The Intelligent Choice for Streamlining Coding Processes

A key component of the ProVation MD software, the intelligent Coding Engine takes physician-entered procedure documentation and automatically generates appropriate CPT®, ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes to produce clinically accurate, coder-ready procedure notes immediately after the procedure is complete.

  • Eliminates unnecessary steps from the coding process
  • Increases accuracy and efficiency
  • Minimizes training and effort needed for physicians to change documentation habits to meet ICD-10 documentation requirements

Improve Coding and Reimbursements

The Anticipatory Interface® is designed to capture the procedure documentation information needed to allow the Coding Engine to automatically generate CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes and flag appropriate CCI edits.

  • Supports appropriate reimbursement by mapping procedure documentation directly to billing codes to prevent over- or under-coding
  • Thorough documentation, including all nuances for proper coding, ensures full and accurate reimbursement for both facility and physician fees
  • Protects against RAC denials and payer audits by ensuring that professional and facility codes match, documentation supports coding and electronic documentation is easily accessible for audits and review

Current and Complete

Our dedicated team of certified coders works directly with our physician team to make sure any procedure note that a physician creates using ProVation MD includes the information needed for accurate and complete coding. The work of our collaborative Coding and Physician team is apparent in the Anticipatory Interface, which guides physicians to document the right data without the need for extensive training on evolving and cumbersome procedure documentation requirements. Further, the ProVation MD Coding Engine is updated quarterly to include new diagnosis and procedure codes and address coding revisions.