ProVation® MD Anticipatory Interface®

Intuitive Clinical Interface Ensures Thorough and Timely Procedure Documentation

In today's era of healthcare reform, thorough and timely clinical documentation is an important priority for any healthcare provider. Procedure documentation is a particularly difficult challenge because of the variability and clinical complexity involved.

To date, most procedure documentation IT solutions have sought to automate the standard dictation and transcription process. ProVation MD does more.

Improve Workflow Across Your Organization

With the Anticipatory Interface, ProVation MD not only automates the procedure documentation process, it also ensures the thoroughness of the documentation. Because thorough clear procedure documentation is key to other departments' processes, the workflow across the entire organization is improved.

The Anticipatory Interface is a unique design feature within ProVation MD that ensures:

  •  Appropriate level of clinical documentation
  •  Timely procedure documentation
  •  Rapid physician adoption
  •  High physician utilization
  •  Low total cost of ownership

Key elements of the Anticipatory Interface are:

  •  A database of procedure documentation paths for over 3,000 procedures
  •  A physician-friendly, intelligent navigation system that uses one selection to suggest the next
  •  Configurable procedure documentation paths and navigation systems to optimize efficiency for each department  and physician
  •  Ongoing medical content updates to keep pace with current medical practice

The end result is improved communication between physicians and other clinicians, enhanced quality reporting and appropriate reimbursement.